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Abstract Titles and Advisors


Animal Sciences - Animal Health
Natassja Boham Investigating the Link Between Average Daily Gain and Pain Management Use During Castration in Piglets Monique Pairis-Garcia
Charles Bowlby The Equine Inflammatory Response to Abdominal Surgery in the Absence of Gastrointestinal Disease Margaret Mudge
James Constantino High Fecundity Trio Allele and its Effect on Pre-Antral Follicle Count and Size Alvaro Garcia Guerra
Andrew Harris Cow Level Factors Associated with Conceptus Size in Pregnant Beef Cattle Alvaro Garcia Guerra
Alyssia Keil Impact of Parity on Duration of Stage Two Labor in Dairy Cows Monique Pairis-Garcia
Jonah Perkins Generation of Lavender Quail by Knocking Out the MLPH Gene Shows No Association with Body Temperature or Adult Body Weight Kichoon Lee
Michael Trombetta Enteric Proteomic Endocrine Pathway Changes to Day of Hatch Chicks After in Ovo Bacterial Inoculation Lisa Bielke
Emily Winson Changes to Gut Microbiome Through Ten Days of Age Affected by Pioneer Colonizing Bacteria Lisa Bielke
Animal Sciences - Nutrition
Amanda Barber

Lipopolysaccharide Modifies Intestinal Barrier Function in Porcine IPEC-J2 Cells

Sheila Jacobi
Hailey Kunath Equine and Wildlife Use and Preference of Salt Blocks in Pastures Sara Mastellar
Alyson Linton Supplementation of Polyunsaturated Fatty Acids in Turkeys Daniel Clark
Heather Pechtl Effects of 3-nitrooxypropanol on Feeding Behavior, Rumen Fermentation, and Enteric Methane Production in Beef Cattle Fed a Growing Diet Chanhee Lee
Kathryn Quinlin The Effect of Fermented Fish Waste-Based Diets n Spawning and Survival of Zebrafish (Danio rerio)-Model Studies for Aquaculture Konrad Dabrowski
Megan Whalin Effect of EPA and DHA Supplementation on Cognitive Behavior and Brain Fatty Acid Profiles in Early Fetal Development and Weaned Sheep Alejandro Relling
Vivian Chang Characterizing the Role of vri and pdp 1 in the Initiation of the Diapause Response of the Northern House Mosquito        Megan Meuti
Martha Drake Lampyridae of Ohio: A Survey of the Genus Pyropyga Luciana Musetti
Ellen Dunkle Body Size of Ground Beetles (Coleoptera:Carabidae) Across an Urban-Rural Gradient Kayla Perry
Luke Hearon Soybean Cropland as Foraging Source for the European Honey Bee and Predictor of Honey Content Reed Johnson
Hilary Kordecki   The Effects of Insecticides, Fungicides, and Adjuvant Combinations on Honey Bee Brood Development Reed Johnson
Danny Phillips A Survey of Lampyridae Biodiversity in Central Ohio, with a Focus on Lucidota Luciana Musetti
Michael Rogers Rich Plant Communities in Urban Greenspaces Support Abundant and Diverse Spider (Linyphiidae) Assemblages Mary Gardiner, Kayla Perry, Yvan Delgado de la Flor
Karissa Smith Screening Compounds for Potential Treatments of Nosema Ceranae in Honeybees Reed Johnson
Environmental and Plant Sciences
Heidi Brockhaus Evaluating Roadside Milkweed Presence and Conservation Potential for Monarch Butterflies Robert Gates
Katie Fineran A Study of Crop-Tree Release as a Management Tool for Ohio Forests Gabriel Karns
Harrison Fried How do Algal and Sedimentary Turbidity Affect the Swimming Performance of Emerald Shiner and Golden Shiner in Lake Erie? Suzanne Gray
Kandace Glanville Lights Out Buckeyes-Factors Influencing Campus Avian Window Collisions Christopher Tonra
Taylor Hrabak The Effect of Turbidity on the Transition from Social to Sexual Behavior in an African Cichlid Fish Suzannne Gray
Gavin Nupp Climate Change and Desert Shrub Seedlings Ryan McCarthy
Charis Ramsing Evaluating the Longevity of a Potential Biocontrol of the Rice Blast Causing Fungus Thomas Mitchell
Brad Slyder Planting Depth Effects on Zea mays Emergence Rates at Various Soil Moisture and Temperatures   Alexander Lindsey
Cassandra Stiles Influence of Substrate on Behavior in Cichlid Fish Ian Hamilton
Rohini Vembar The Effects of Salinity on Typha spp. Abundance in Roadside Wetlands in Ohio Steve Hovick


Food Science
Sok Lin Ang Comparison of the Tactle Sensitivity of Tongue and Fingertips with Applying Pure-Tactile Task Christopher Simons
Kevin Berkowitz Tactile Sensitivity of Different Oral Tissues to Punctate Pressure Christopher Simons
Robin Bodner Use of Eye-Tracking Technology as Validation for Consumer Liking Ratings Christopher Simons
Mariah Cox The FHIT Genome Caretaker Pathway: A Cancer Prevention Target Monica Giusti
Jenna Fryer Impact of Orthonasal and Retronasal Odorant Delivery Along with Manipulated Cognitive Strategy on Olfactory Perception Christopher Simons
Gabriel Hutchings Determination of Positive or Negative Textural Drivers in Food Product Choices Christopher Simons
Xiang Li Efficacy of Six Concentration and Contact Time Combinations of NaOCI-Based Sanitizer on Aureobasidium spp. and Exophiala spp. Isolates Abigail Snyder
Wan Xin Tan How Much Sugar is in Your Breakfast Cereal, The Answer in the Palm of Your Hand Luis Rodriguez-Saona
Stiphany Tieu Co-Dispersion of Chia Plant Protein and Casein Micelles in Milk Rafael Jimenez-Flores
Morgan Vasas Analysis of the Carbohydrate Content of Beer using NMR Spectroscopy Emmanuel Chatzakis
Morgan Whitecotton Negativity Bias in Consumer Sensory Research Christopher Simons
Kuanrong Zhu Fingerprinting Maple Syrup by Vibrational Spectroscopy and Pattern Recognition Luis Rodriguez-Saona


Social Sciences
Ruozhao Chen Spatializing the Coffee and Coca Supply Chains: How Regulation Shapes the Flow of Commodities Kendra McSweeney
Courtney Fulton Exploring the Roles of Youth in Community Programming and their Connections to Positive Youth Development and Involvement in Community Mary Rodriguez, Jera Niewoehner-Green
Anna Garrett An Investigation of Animal Cruelty Charges in Ohio Jeannette O'Quin
Sydney Green Children's Emotion Knowledge and Executive Functions Kelly Boone
Sarah Grossman, Jacoby Humphrey, Lauren Trapani Valuing Ecological and Cultural Tourism in the Maya Biosphere Reserve Brent Sohngen
Sophie Manaster Gender Differences in Pro-Environmental Behaviors and Carbon Footprint Feedback Response Nicole Sintov
Abby Motter The Influence of Pre-Service Teacher's Education Abroad Experience in Choluteca, Honduras on Internationalizing Agricultural Curriculum Tracy Kitchel
Ian Newman Zoning Policy and Implementation Effectiveness While Under Consistent Threat of Seismic Catastrophe in Quito, Ecuador Douglas Southgate
Kayla Walls Safety Education for Women in Agriculture Dee Jepsen
Jennifer Zavon Impacts of Participating in Urban Farming on the Bhutanese-Nepali Immigrant Community of Columbus, Ohio Cathy Rakowski