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Request Transfer Credit Evaluation

studentThis page provides information for prospective and current students who have already completed courses related to Food, Agricultural, and Environmental Sciences at another institution or current Ohio State students who are seeking pre-evaluation to take related courses at another institution.

Students are encouraged to read this page thoroughly and complete the following steps.

Do NOT use this process for Environment and Natural Resources (ENR) course evaluations or OSU approved global education programs.

  • Students seeking credit evaluation for OSU approved global education programs should contact Elizabeth Shuman,, 614-292-8947.
  • Students seeking credit evaluation for ENR courses (including global education) should contact Cheryl Walter,, 614-292-2265.

You mail email with any questions.

Courses that have already been completed at another college or university:

1.) A final, official transcript with grades posted must be sent to The Ohio State University. Do NOT send transcripts directly to The College of Food, Agricultural, and Environmental Sciences. Unofficial transcripts will not be accepted.

2.) Once the Registrar’s Office has processed your transcript, your transfer credit will appear on a Transfer Credit Report. Review your Transfer Credit Report carefully.

  • If credits are posted as direct equivalents, i.e., with a specific OSU department and course number like ECON 2001.01, you do not need to take any further action. Questions about how a direct equivalent course will apply toward degree requirements should be directed to your academic advisor.
  • If credits are posted as General (e.g., ANIMSCI G000.01) or Special (e.g, ANIMSCI S000.01), further evaluation will be needed.

3.) Courses that come in as General credit can be submitted for further evaluation.

  • General credit is awarded when there may be an equivalent course at Ohio State, but the Transfer Credit Center is unable to make that determination. General credit coursework must be further evaluated by the appropriate academic department. Otherwise, the credit will not be applied toward degree totals.
  • Special credit is awarded when a direct course equivalency does not exist at Ohio State. Students should consult their college/department to determine if special credit may be used to fulfill degree program requirements. Visit the Registrar Coordinator Directory, and select from the alphabetical list, the corresponding academic course/department and follow the instructions.

4.) To have Food, Agricultural, and Environmental Sciences related courses reviewed, complete the Transfer Credit Evaluation Form.



1.) Prior to enrolling, discuss your plans with your Ohio State academic advisor. Your advisor can help you identify the courses that you are required to take for your Ohio State degree. 

2.) Visit Transferology for information on how courses will transfer and apply toward your degree program at Ohio State. Use the Transferology Course Equivalency Guides to search for the particular course(s) that you are interested in taking, and use the Transferology Planning Guides to see how the course(s) will apply toward your Ohio State degree. Once your equivalency is determined, skip to step 4. If you cannot find your course equivalency information in Transferology, proceed to step 3.

3.) If your course equivalency information is not on Transferology, complete the Transfer Credit Evaluation Form.


4.) After you have completed your coursework, contact the Registrar at that college for an official transcript to be sent to Ohio State.