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Spring 2020 Grading Options

Pass/No Pass (PA/NP) Option

Per a resolution passed by University Senate on March 26, 2020, all undergraduate and graduate students had until April 17, 2020, to select Pass/No Pass instead of a traditional letter grade for General Education and elective courses. CFAES is one of the colleges that extended this option to required courses in undergraduate majors and minors. 

Undergraduate students must request a Pass/No Pass option for each course they want this to apply using the online form (available until April 17th, 2020).

Pass/No Pass (PA/NP) Requests Are No Longer Accepted

Questions regarding this option can be directed to your academic advisor or to Jeanne Osborne by emailing or calling (614) 292-1734.

Pass/No Pass & Dean's List: Selecting the PA/NP option for a course or courses may impact your eligibility for the Dean’s List for SP 2020. To be eligible for the Dean’s List, a student must have all of the following:

  • at least 9 units graded A-D
  • at least 12 units graded A-D or S
  • a 3.5 GPA or greater
  • No grades of 'E','EN','I','IX','NEN','NG','NP','P','U','UEN' (‘P’ is progress not pass; pass is ‘PA’)

While having a PA (Pass) grade does not exclude a student outright from the Dean’s List, having one or more ‘PA’ grades (rather than A-D) can interfere with the ability for a student to reach 9 units graded A-D and 12 units graded A-D or S.

Extended Incomplete Deadline

For Spring 2020 courses, the university is extending the amount of time you have to complete course work for a class in which you receive an Incomplete grade to 10 weeks from the start of the following term (instead of the standard 6 weeks from the start of the following term). Students remain able to request an extension for any Incompletes they may take, should they not be able to complete the course work within 10 weeks. Students must make arrangements with the instructor of the course to receive an Incomplete grade. 

Extended Withdrawal Deadline

For Spring 2020, students will have an extended opportunity to withdraw from a class. Withdrawing from a class leaves this class on your transcript, marking it with a W. Courses marked as W do not count toward your GPA. Please consult with your advisor to discuss how this option might impact your academic progress, and talk with Student Financial Aid to understand your aid eligibility. Students initiate a course withdrawal by submitting a Course Enrollment Permission Form (see instructions for submitting forms).