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Dropping a Course

You are responsible for knowing the consequences of changing your schedule. Please contact the appropriate office to obtain information before taking action.

The deadlines listed below apply to the full (14 week) autumn and spring semesters. For a full list of deadlines for sessions and summer term, click the list of important dates on the Registrar's website.

Should I Drop a Course?

Consequences of Dropping a Course

Dropping a Course

Should I Drop a Course?

Dropping a course is a serious decision and can have many consequences. Please contact your advisors to determine if you should drop a course.

Consequences of Dropping a Course
Your financial aid, scholarships, work-study, and other awards may be adjusted

Dropping a course can affect your eligibility for certain types of financial aid including loans, work-study, scholarships, and benefits received under the G.I. Bill. You may be required to pay back money you have already received. This is particularly true if you are dropping below full-time enrollment (12 credit hours or more). To determine whether dropping a course will affect your financial status, please contact the appropriate office before you take any action:

  • Financial Aid: (614) 292-0300
  • G.I. Bill Benefits: (614) 292-3453
Your academic record may be affected

Depending on the specific week of the term, you could receive a mark of a “W” on your academic transcript. If you have a significant number of W’s on your record, it may suggest a pattern of careless enrollment, which could be considered in applications for graduate or professional programs.

Progress toward your degree may be delayed

Certain courses may require prerequisites in order to enroll. Some courses are only offered once a year or at irregular times. These factors can delay your progress significantly as the opportunity to retake a course might not be available for awhile. Please contact the College Academic Advisor and your Major Advisor to determine course availability and to adjust your degree plan.

Health and Automobile Coverage may change

Health and automobile insurance companies sometimes base eligibility for coverage and discounts on enrollment. Falling below full-time status (12 credit hours or more) could cause you to lose your benefits. Please contact your insurance provider to determine how you will be affected.

Residency Qualifications for Residence Halls or Visas may be affected

Your dorm contract may require you to be enrolled for a specific number of hours. Similarly, for international students, your eligibility to continue studying in the United States may be affected. Please contact the appropriate office before you take action:

  • Residence Hall Contracts: (614) 292-8266
  • Office of International Affairs: (614) 292-6101
Atheltic Eligibility could change

Dropping a course could change your academic status and render you ineligible to participate in athletic programs. It is imperative that you see the College Academic Advisor before you take any action.

  • Athletic Eligibility: (614) 292-6961
  • Student Athletic Support Services Office: (614) 292-9205
Dropping a Course
Drop a Class...
4th Friday of the Semester
10th Friday of the Semester
How to Drop a Class...
Online (unless this is your 1st term) Before   It is strongly recommended that you seek advising before dropping a class
with Permission After Before You will receive a "W" on your transcript
  • Receive a Course Enrollment Form from 100 Agricultural Administration
  • Fill it out
  • Return to 100 Agricultural Administration
  • Using Buckeye Link, verify that the course has been dropped
with a Petition   After

You cannot drop any course or modify your schedule after the tenth Friday except by a successful petition filed in the College Office.

If, because of extenuating circumstances, you need to drop a course after the tenth Friday, make an appointment with the College Academic Advisor to help you with the petition.

  • You will need supporting evidence for your circumstances
  • You cannot drop after the tenth week solely because you are doing poorly in a course.
  • Your petition may or may not be granted.
  • Plan to continue attending the course until a decision on your petition has been made.