Freshman Forgiveness

If you receive a D+, D, or E (including grades of EN) in the course(s) during your freshman year (before you have earned 30 credit hours), you may retake the course, and the first grade will be dropped from your cumulative grade point average (the record of the original grade will remain on your transcript). You may retake the course only once, and you must retake it before you earn 60 hours. If you earn a lower grade for the second attempt, the second grade counts, not the higher grade, and if you earn an E in place of a D or D+, you will lose credit for the course. You can use the forgiveness rule for up to 15 credit hours. It is best to retake the course(s) as early as possible. Please note that hours of examination (EM) credit do not count in calculating earned hours for purposes of the Freshman Forgiveness Rule; however, transfer credit hours do count. Keep in mind that if you are considering applying to graduate or professional schools, or even to other colleges at Ohio State, all of your grades will be considered (including those forgiven under the Freshman Forgiveness Rule) in the admissions process, and the other college or unit may recalculate the original grade(s) into your cumulative GPA.