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Hayley F. Milliron

Hayley F. Milliron Hayley F. Milliron

Department of Agricultural Communication, Education, and Leadership
Sustainable Agriculture
Springfield, OH 

2023 Distinguished Senior Award Recognition Reception Program (.pdf) 

2023 Distinguished Senior Award Recipient Reception Poster (.pdf) 

As a future agricultural educator, Hayley Milliron’s decision to take on a Spanish minor her freshman year showed excellent forward thinking. Recognizing that her mastery of the language would make her future classrooms more inclusive and accommodating, she committed herself to learning not only the Spanish language but the subtleties and variations of the language across Latin America and of the cultures in which the language is spoken. She considers the perspective offered by her Spanish minor her most valuable learning experience and looks forward to building an educational practice that celebrates the diversity of the communities she serves. 

Hayley recalls her challenges and struggles from her freshman year. She reflected on the immense personal growth she experienced over the course of her undergraduate career, sharing, “The farther I got into my academic career, I watched myself gain confidence and come out of my shell. Also, I reached out for help to improve my mental health and life. Without this growth, I wouldn’t be where I am today.” 

Internships at Morton Arboretum in Lisle, IL gave Hayley valuable experience in classroom management and adapting to learner needs. As a Summer Science Assistant, she co-taught environmental camp courses, assisted with delivering course materials, provided supplies to learners, and responded to emergencies. She also learned to manage large groups of students with unique learning needs from diverse backgrounds. In her second summer, Hayley was promoted to Lead Science Assistant. The adaptability, attention to detail, and imaginative thinking she cultivated at Morton Arboretum went on to serve her well in her student teaching placement at Big Walnut High School where she has taught agriculture sciences since January 2023. In addition to her academic and internship experiences, Hayley was highly involved in the Agricultural Education Society, promoting agricultural literacy, connecting fellow students with professional and leadership development opportunities, and co-teaching workshops at the Ohio FFA convention. Her undergraduate research under Dr. Amanda Bowling identifies and evaluates emergency meal distribution processes in rural Ohio schools during and after the height of the pandemic.

Hayley would like to acknowledge Dr. Amanda Bowling as her mentor. She shares, “I have had the opportunity and privilege of working with Dr. Bowling as her student, academic advisee, and research advisee. As her research advisee, Dr. Bowling has been an excellent mentor throughout my undergraduate research project. She has taught me how to assess the relevance of research articles and reflect upon the information to see if it pertains to my research. She has helped me achieve many of my goals and given me the confidence to follow my passions.”

Hayley has ensured that she can move forward in pursuit of her passion for agricultural education. Her commitment to creative, effective, and attentive pedagogy will serve her and her students well, whether she decides to accept a teaching position or pursue a graduate degree through CFAES. 

Service, involvement, and accolades: Agricultural Education Society, secretary | 2023 ACEL Outstanding Senior | CFAES Peer Mentor

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