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Corinne K. Lee

Corinne K. Lee Corinne K. Lee 

Department of Horticulture and Crop Science 
Sustainable Plant Systems - Agronomy 
Marysville, OH 

2023 Distinguished Senior Award Recognition Reception Program (.pdf) 

2023 Distinguished Senior Award Recipient Reception Poster (.pdf) 

Membership in the Crops and Soils Club at Ohio State provided Corinne Lee with some of her most rewarding undergraduate experiences. The club led to her involvement with the Students of Agronomy, Soils, and Environmental Sciences (SASES)—the 
undergraduate program of the American Society of Agronomy, Crop Science Society of America, and Soil Science Society of America. Traveling to Salt Lake City and Baltimore for annual SASES meetings, Cori met fellow students and agricultural professionals from across the country. Her Quiz Bowl team won in two consecutive years, and Cori took fifth place individually in the Crops Judging Competition. Her experiences in Crops and Soils club let her see up-and-coming concepts in the industry context. 

Cori has worked on the CFAES Digital Ag Team’s eFields program, an annual report which aims to provide timely, relevant, on-farm research for the agriculture industry. Cori had the opportunity to work with extension educators across the state to help them collect and organize trial data, formatting the data to be easily shared with a variety of end users. Witnessing the growth and impact of the eFields program offered Cori her greatest sense of accomplishment.

Her time in Dr. Alex Lindsey’s Crop Agronomy and Physiology Research Program introduced Cori to the importance of research. She assisted with an ongoing study of corn, examining root lodging and defoliation. In the process, she developed an understanding of study design, randomization, data collection, and the work necessary to complete trials and deliver end results. Cori’s own research project looked at seed dormancy in field pennycress. The experience reinforced the importance of repeatability in research and drove home the foundational agronomic concepts she learned in class, and she considers it her most valuable undergraduate learning experience. 

Cori acknowledges Drs. John Fulton and David Barker as her mentors. She shares, “Dr. Fulton has been a great mentor as I’ve worked with him on the Ohio State Digital Ag Team. He has constantly challenged me to think outside of the box and has been a great resource when it comes to developing my career. He has pushed me to take advantage of many available opportunities and I’m grateful to have the opportunity to work with him.

Dr. Barker has also been a great mentor and has supported my many endeavors with the Crops and Soils Club. He has always been supportive of me and other students and is always willing to lend a helping hand, whether it is at meetings, in the greenhouse, or in the classroom. As a professor, he has taught me to think for myself and to reach outside of my comfort zone.”

In addition to her research and work with the Digital Ag Team, Cori held internships at Syngenta in Janesville, WI, and at Corteva in Johnston, IA. After graduation, Cori has accepted a position as an Agronomic Information Advisor for Integrated Ag Services in 
Milford Center, OH. 

Service, involvement, and accolades: Crops and Soils Club, president and other leadership roles | Alpha Zeta Partners, chancellor | CFAES Ambassador, co-chair | Agribusiness Club, 

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