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Faith N. Hagelberger

Faith N. Hagelberger Faith N. Hagelberger

Department of Animal Sciences
Animal Sciences - Animal Biosciences
Minister, OH 

2023 Distinguished Senior Award Recognition Reception Program (.pdf) 

2023 Distinguished Senior Award Recipient Reception Poster (.pdf) 

As a first-generation college student, Faith Hagelberger knew she wanted to maintain her lifelong involvement with animal agriculture when she came to OSU. In the Animal Sciences program, she found plenty of opportunities to preserve her connection to agriculture while pursuing her studies. She began working on the university’s Waterman Dairy Farm as a freshman—her first real experience in the dairy industry. Faith began learning the dairy industry from the ground up, working weeknight and weekend shifts whenever she could spare the time. This experience early in her undergraduate career helped solidify Faith’s desire to work in the dairy industry. Her sophomore year, she added a job at the OSU College of Veterinary Medicine’s Applied Parasitology Lab and subsequently worked as a veterinary assistant for ST Genetics. Faith has worked full-time for two years throughout the course of her undergraduate career. 

Interning for ST Genetics as a Maternity Department Attendant presented Faith with an excellent opportunity to synthesize and apply lessons learned in the classroom and in her previous work experiences. Assisting with dystocias, neonatal calf care, surgeries, total protein collection and analysis, and more, Faith was exposed to aspects of the dairy industry she wouldn’t have otherwise experienced. She saw hands-on experiences like her internship as imperative to her retention of knowledge and skills, and even more critical considering the challenges imposed by the recent pandemic.

Her time as a Peer Mentor for incoming and first-year CFAES students provided Faith with some of her most rewarding undergraduate experiences. While her responsibilities added to an already busy schedule, her decision to help students navigate the admissions process, support them through first-year experiences, and serve as a source of useful advice and information is one Faith would make again without hesitation. Faith considers her successful contribution to OSU’s Intercollegiate Dairy Challenge team her greatest accomplishment. The experience pushed her out of her comfort zone, forcing her to learn, adapt, and function as a member of a team. Through Dairy Challenge, Faith had the opportunity to put her knowledge into practice and prove what she’s capable of achieving. She reflected, “While I have learned more than I could have imagined, I still have a long way to go, and I am eager to continue.”

Faith recognizes Dr. Maurice Eastridge as her mentor. Faith shares, “He has helped me navigate the process of preparing and applying to veterinary school, extend my network within the dairy industry, and he provides valuable insight to nearly any situation I bring to him. His knowledge of the dairy industry, dedication to producers and to others in general, and his resourcefulness are traits I admire and aspire to emulate.”

In the fall, Faith will commence her doctoral studies at OSU’s College of Veterinary Medicine thanks to her acceptance in the college’s Early Commitment Program. She hopes to focus on dairy production medicine and reproduction in her career after veterinary school.

Service, involvement, and accolades: Buckeye Dairy Club, president and other leadership roles | CFAES Peer Mentor | Food Animal Club | Dairy Challenge Team | ANSC Community Alliance | VIDA Volunteers | American Dairy Science Association Bronze, Silver | Cristo Rey      Columbus High School Science Club

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