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Andrew J. Moffit

Andrew MoffitAndrew Moffit 

School of Environment and Natural Resources 
Environment, Economy, Development, and Sustainability - Community Development
Dublin, OH 

2022 Distinguished Senior Award Recognition Reception Program (.pdf) 

2022 Distinguished Senior Award Recipient Reception Poster (.pdf) 

Andrew Moffit completed two internships at Philmont Scout Ranch in Cimarron, New Mexico over the course of his undergraduate program. In 2019, he served as a conservationist on a timber stand improvement project, learning the dynamics of mixed-dry conifer systems and the methods needed to manage such regions. During his time at Philmont, Andy received an S212 equivalent chainsaw certification, allowing him to safely cut hazard trees and any tree up to sixteen inches in diameter. In 2021, Andy returned to Philmont in a management role, leading a crew of five in work similar to that which he had performed two years prior. He gained valuable knowledge and insight into forestry site management from an operations standpoint, learning in a hands-on manner and making professional connections and close friendships along the way. Andy was also able to further develop and refine his skills as a communicator and educator, teaching five thousand visitors from around the country throughout his time at Philmont.

Recalling his unique duties at Philmont, Andy shared the following wisdom: “The experiences where you learn the most are often the ones where you’re closest to getting hit in the head by a big piece of wood.” The experience of hiking through New Mexico’s Sangre De Cristo Mountains with a sixty-pound pack, enduring extremes of temperature and weather, the daily trek from the tents where his team lived to their worksite high in the mountains and staring into the sunrise with his crewmates and close friends number among the greatest memories in his life.

As an undergraduate, Andy found his community at the School of Environment and Natural Resources, evidenced by his extensive involvement in the SENR Peer Mentor and Ambassador programs. His membership in Net Impact—a club encouraging sustainability in business—fueled his interest in promoting environmental stewardship within the private sector. Andy expresses his gratitude for the many amazing Buckeyes he had the opportunity to meet through these programs.

Andy would like to recognize Dr. Joe Campbell as his mentor, for whom he worked as an instructional assistant in ENR 3500—Community, Environment and Development during his time at OSU. Andy shared, “Dr. Campbell has been a mentor for all eight of my semesters at Ohio State. I met him before convocation and have worked for him for six semesters. He’s always been one to give advice and is one of the best listeners I’ve ever met. He makes me want to feel included in the teaching process and I really value his support.”

A Dean’s List honoree many times over, Andy is on course to graduate summa cum laude in 2022. His capstone research project “Assisting Client in Developing Structure for Undergraduate Biodiversity Research Committee” draws upon skills learned in both his undergraduate major as well as his minor in Business. Upon graduating, Andy will pursue employment as an environmental consultant. His close relationships with senior directors in the conservation department at Philmont Scout Ranch have led to a current job offer as “camper conservation forestry director” for the upcoming season.

Service, involvement, and accolades: SENR Peer Mentor | SENR Ambassador | Buckeyethon | Mountaineers at Ohio State | Net Impact

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