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Elizabeth M. Ohl

Elizabeth OhlElizabeth Ohl 

Department of Animal Sciences 
Animal Sciences - Animal Biosciences
Alexandria, OH 

2022 Distinguished Senior Award Recognition Reception Program (.pdf) 

2022 Distinguished Senior Award Recipient Reception Poster (.pdf) 

Elizabeth Ohl’s most valuable undergraduate learning experience was her trip to Oahu, Hawaii to study human-animal interactions. Being fully immersed in a different culture was a valuable learning experience in its own right; Elizabeth was keenly interested in how those differences affected human-animal interactions. The experience offered her a chance to reflect on the ways in which the culture, climate, and ecosystems of various locales can affect the human-animal interface with far-reaching impacts.

For four years, Elizabeth worked as an undergraduate research assistant in the Department of Veterinary Preventative Medicine’s Animal Influenza Ecology and Epidemiology Research Program (AIEERP). While at AIEERP, she conducted surveillance for various infectious diseases in swine and white-tailed deer. In contributing to a wide array of research projects, she developed an appreciation for the intersectional nature of agriculture across the nation. She shared, “We exist in a market that must integrate expertise from multiple fields. Clinical medicine, food safety, public health and policy, environmental protection, education and outreach, and many more are critical in supporting a sustainable agricultural system across the world.”

In addition to her work as a research assistant, Elizabeth was active in a number of student organizations. She is the current president of Towers Agricultural Honorary, the oldest honorary in CFAES. She served as a peer mentor, offering one-on-one mentoring in chemistry for pre-veterinary students. Within the Department of Animal Sciences, she has served as a teaching assistant for numerous courses, taking joy in the opportunity to encourage success in her fellow students.

A skydiving class she took last autumn semester offered Elizabeth her greatest sense of accomplishment during her undergraduate career. More specifically, she credits the conquering of fears she experienced in the course as contributing to her successful interview for OSU’s Veterinary Medicine program. The experience reminded her that “any goal is achievable, and any challenge can be overcome with the belief in yourself and your abilities.” Applying this lesson to her academic, professional, and personal lives, she found herself calm and confident throughout her admission interview.

Elizabeth would like to recognize Dr. Jacqueline Nolting and Dr. Andrew Bowman as mentors. She shared, “I am inspired by Dr. Bowman and Dr. Nolting’s persistent hard work, dedication, and positive attitude, and I attribute a great deal of my own successes to them. The advice, guidance, and opportunities they have provided me to expand upon my experiences in veterinary medicine and research have been integral in the discovery of my curiosity for infectious diseases and development as a future professional.”

After graduation, Elizabeth plans to pursue a Doctorate in Veterinary Medicine, but has yet to decide on an institute. After completing the DVM, she plans to pursue a PhD in the interest of continuing her study of epidemiology.

Service, involvement, and accolades: Towers Agricultural Honorary, president | Academic Peer Mentor | Animal Sciences Undergraduate Teaching Assistant | Newcomb Scholar | Environmental and Natural Resource Scholars Program | STEP Program | Pre-Veterinary Medical Association | OSU Boxing Club

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