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Tyler T. Zimpfer

Tyler Zimpfer

Department of Agricultural, Environmental, and Development Economics
Agribusiness and Applied Economics
Oak Hill, OH 

2022 Distinguished Senior Award Recognition Reception Program (.pdf) 

2022 Distinguished Senior Award Recipient Reception Poster (.pdf) 

Throughout his undergraduate career, the relationships he has cultivated at OSU and CFAES have offered Tyler Zimpfer his greatest sense of accomplishment. Beginning with his residence in the CFAES Learning Community his freshman year, the friendships he has made have been not only rewarding and enriching but have changed him fundamentally. Tyler reflected, “Coming into college, I didn’t consider myself a relationship-centered person. However, the greatest thing that I learned is that the people you surround yourself with will define a lot of what your life looks like.” Conversations with faculty mentors have led him places he had never previously envisioned himself going; friendships struck up as a freshman in the CFAES Learning Community have continued to this day and will soon become professional connections. Tyler added, “I am beyond grateful for the people that surround me. I can’t wait to support them and be supported by them for years to come.” 

His involvement in campus organizations offered Tyler some of his most valuable learning experiences. As a member and leader in Collegiate Farm Bureau, FarmHouse Fraternity, and CFAES Ambassador, he cultivated a leadership mindset but has never lost sight of the importance of being able to follow others’ lead when necessary. He is grateful for the opportunity both to lead and, at times, to follow the capable example of fellow student leaders. 

Tyler’s summer 2021 internship at Valent, USA afforded him the opportunity to travel the country in his role as Industry Affairs intern within the company’s Government and Industry Affairs unit. In Nebraska, Oregon, California, Washington state, and Washington D.C., Tyler engaged with key stakeholders and government officials, improving his confidence and refining his ability to effectively deliver detailed messaging on behalf of the company. He cherished the opportunity to experience the true breadth and diversity of American agriculture. 

In his independent research study with Peggy Hall, Esq., Tyler examined the legal issues surrounding the lawful use of pesticides in Ohio agriculture. In conjunction with Professor Hall and other attorneys from across the state, Tyler closely scrutinized the Ohio Revised Code and Ohio Administrative Code, producing a paper describing actions available to landowners and community members to prevent legal entanglements in the lawful application of pesticides. 

As his mentor, Tyler recognizes Associate Professor Peggy Hall. Tyler shared, “I first met Professor Hall as a junior in high school while job shadowing an attorney in Delaware, OH. At that time, I did not know that she would come to be one of my biggest supporters throughout my time at Ohio State, let alone if I would be accepted into the university at all. However, what began as just a lunch conversation turned into a mentorship that I am incredibly grateful for.” 

A first-generation college student, Tyler completed his undergraduate degree in just three years. Following graduation, he plans to attend law school. He credits his time at CFAES with deepening his interest in the law; he hopes to apply his future efforts toward the advancement of the agricultural community.  

Service, involvement, and accolades: Newcomb Scholar | AFA Scholar | Collegiate Farm Bureau | FarmHouse Fraternity, administration vice president | CFAES Ambassador 

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