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Jacqueline M. Fox

Jacqueline FoxJacqueline M. Fox

Department of Food Science and Technology
Food Science & Technology
Centerville, OH

2021 Distinguished Senior Award Celebration Program (.pdf)

2021 Distinguished Senior Award Recipient Poster (.pdf)

One of Jacqueline Fox’s greatest undergraduate accomplishments was her internship at Graeter’s Ice Cream. She shared that this opportunity was so special because, at the time, she had recently completed her first year of college, she was in the beginning stages of learning about her field of study, and Graeter’s was such a large Mid-western, well-known company. At the ice cream plant she was able to see how often they created different pastries and iced cakes, and how they kept the wet areas wet, and the dry areas dry, while in production. She also saw how workers hand-scooped and filled each pint and gallon before it reached the customer. Jacqueline came away with indispensable knowledge from her internship which she was able to implement in the rest of her career as an undergraduate student.

Jacqui related her most valuable learning experience as the time she worked as a quality technician at United Dairy Farmers, where she was able to directly apply the skills she was learning as a Food Science and Technology student to a real-world setting. Jacqueline ran microbial tests, such as plating for E. coli and swabbing for listeria, among others. She was tasked with making sure products were within specifications on solids, total solids, butterfat, and other indicators. She had the opportunity to weigh in and collaborate on creating a new, dairy-free line of ice cream, as well as new flavors for ice cream and sorbet.

A most rewarding experience described by Jacqueline was working with autistic children through an organization called “Buckeyes Give A Break.” During their events, members are entrusted with caring for children with autism and their siblings while parents run errands or just take a break from being a full-time parent. Jacqueline loved seeing how happy and excited the kids were, especially during activities like roller skating and playing at indoor trampoline parks! Witnessing the appreciation of parents and the joy brought to the children has been tremendously rewarding to her.

After graduation, Jacqueline is enrolling in dental school. She has been accepted to a number of programs and is considering her options. She is excited to pursue her career as a dentist, with the hopes to become an orthodontist in the future.

“Ms. Julie Townsend was one of the first people to interview me for a scholarship. Once she found out what my future career goals were, she gladly told a wonderful story about a past graduate who has an amazing dental practice and family now, and graduated with a degree in food science and technology. . . . . Ms. Townsend overall helped solidify that I chose the right major for my future career, and was always so encouraging about it as well.” This is what Jacqui had to share about her selected mentor.

Service, involvement, and accolades: Phi Sigma Theta National Honor Society | National Society of Collegiate Scholars | Dunn Sports and Wellness Scholars Program | Zeta Tau Alpha Fraternity | Wrestling Manager | Buckeyes Give A Break | Food Science Club | Chemistry 1200 Mentor | Pre-Dental Club | BuckeyeThon Member | Food Science and Technology, recruitment and scholarship chair

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