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Katie A. Garen

Katie A. Garen Head Shot Katie A. Garen 

London, OH
Agribusiness and Applied Economics
Department of Agricultural, Environmental, and Development Economics


2020 Distinguished Senior Award Celebration Program (.pdf)

2020 Distinguished Senior Award Recipient Showcase Poster (.pdf) 

Katie Garen emphasizes that she is forever grateful to the university, her amazing friend group, and her parents for the continuous influence they have in her everyday life. She has had their support and encouragement as she learns about herself and faces challenges. One such challenge was picking up and moving twelve hours away to the great state of Nebraska for an internship. Interning with Pioneer Seeds allowed Katie to discover how to really let people get to know her in a short amount of time, how to learn extremely fast, and how to slow down and have patience with yourself and others. She learned the most about herself and defined her future life goals through this adventure.

The most enjoyable undergraduate experiences to Katie were the times she studied abroad. Specifically, she appreciated her first-year experience in Nicaragua. Katie greatly enjoyed this trip because it was her first experience traveling internationally. Most of all, Katie saw how agricultural education can allow the everyday person to help someone in need. Secondly, her education abroad to Brazil with the Alpha Zeta Partners Honorary was impactful due to the amount and quality of knowledge she obtained about a large-producing global competitor.

During Katie’s time at Ohio State she has worked as one of Dr. Mark Loux’s student research assistants within the field of weed science. She has assisted with various research projects including trials with Marestail seed, Waterhemp seed, chemical trials with Enlist and Dicamba soybeans, and other areas such as seed germination.

Katie’s greatest sense of an accomplishment during her undergraduate program at OSU has come from recruiting and encouraging other peers within CFAES to stay engaged. Her extensive extracurricular involvement includes Crops and Soils Club, Alpha Zeta Partners, and the Sigma Alpha Professional Agricultural Sorority. Katie participated in two study abroad experiences. She served on “The Bucks” planning committee for the Celebration of Students Banquet and served as a Peer Mentor. Additionally, Katie has been a member or participant of OSU NAMA team, the OSU Weed Science Team, ASM Club, and Agribusiness Club.

Included among Katie’s academic achievements are: Dean’s List | CFAES Newcomb Scholar | Alpha Zeta Partners Honorary Fraternity | Farm Credit Mid-America College Leaders Program | 4-H Farm Credit Scholarship | OHBPA Scholarship | CFAES Greenleaf Award | Moser Family Study Abroad Scholarship | David Baird Scholarship Fund | CFAES Study Abroad Fund | Sharp Memorial Scholar | Bere Ag Econ Scholarship | Richard Scholarship | Smith 4-H Scholarship | Ingraham Scholarship.

Upon graduation, Katie will begin her next journey with Corteva Agrisciences as an Associate Territory Manager. Katie is excited for this role to begin as it should open an unlimited number of professional doors.

Dr. David Barker is the clear choice as Katie’s influential mentor at The Ohio State University. Dr. Barker assisted Katie not only with her academic and professional goals but was always willing to discuss her personal goals as well. She recalls how he even provided advice on something as small as the best route to Nebraska for her internship! Dr. Barker has made an impact on Katie by exemplifying the value of humor and fun in one’s professional career.

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