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Hannah S. McKenzie

Hannah McKenzie Head Shot Hannah S. McKenzie

Westerville, OH
Department of Entomology


2020 Distinguished Senior Award Celebration Program (.pdf)

2020 Distinguished Senior Award Recipient Showcase Poster (.pdf) 

Hannah McKenzie’s most valuable undergraduate learning experience was through one of her general education requirements. Hannah enrolled in a comparative studies class on global studies in science and technology. This course focused not on scientific knowledge itself, but rather how scientific knowledge is formed through unique and biased perspectives. Taking the class has aided Hannah to become a better scientist because she is able to acknowledge her inherent biases that shape her perspective.

Hannah completed an internship at the Museum of Biological Diversity, working specifically with the Triplehorn Insect Collection. It was because of this internship that Hannah was able to get involved with an undergraduate research project. Hannah worked with Dr. Norman Johnson on a research project about sex ratio variation in the parasitoid wasp Pelecinus polyturator. Prior to working on this project, she had no experience with working in a molecular lab or performing DNA analysis.

During Hannah’s undergraduate career, she has run her own business as a piano teacher. Hannah teaches students of all ages and holds an annual piano recital to showcase their musical achievements. Hannah also worked part-time at the Triplehorn Insect Collection after completing her internship there.

Studying abroad in New Zealand was Hannah’s most enjoyable and rewarding experience. Prior to this trip, Hannah had never been on an airplane, let alone out of the country. She said it was very rewarding to experience travel for the first time and to meet so many new people with new ideas. This experience pushed Hannah out of her comfort zone and allowed her to expand her worldview, which she will value for the rest of her life.

Volunteering at Inniswood Metro Gardens each summer as well as at the annual Museum of Biological Diversity Open House were important experiences to Hannah. She is also a 4-H volunteer, teaching students about entomology. On campus, Hannah has been president of Chrysalis, the undergraduate entomology club, and served on CFAES Student Council as the representative for Chrysalis. Hannah found her greatest sense of accomplishment in being elected President of Chrysalis. When she started her term, there was no existing student government and only one other active member. Hannah was successful in establishing a new organizational structure for the club and successfully got more members involved.

Hannah’s academic achievements include: Dean’s List | OSU Provost Scholarship | Paul A. Kari Scholarship | Joseph and Nina Mattus Memorial Scholarship.

Following graduation, Hannah plans to attend graduate school at The Ohio State University. She will work with Dr. Reed Johnson to research honeybees in Wooster, Ohio. Upon completing her master’s degree, she would like to obtain a PhD in entomology. Afterward, Hannah hopes to have the opportunity to teach entomology classes at a university while performing further entomological research.

Dr. Luciana Musetti is the individual Hannah named as her primary mentor. Not only did she oversee her internship experience, she was also Hannah’s employer throughout much of her undergraduate career. Dr. Musetti not only helped guide Hannah through research, she has also served as a valuable counselor and friend throughout Hannah’s college career.

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