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Education Abroad Programming and Support Global Option Curriculum Enhancement
Office of International Affairs & CFAES Center for Education Abroad

Learn about education abroad in CFAES and how it is integrated into the curriculum. Would you like to:
- Create a new education abroad program
- Redesign your current education abroad course content

- Incorporate intercultural competencies into any course
- Learn more about the College's Global Option

CFAES Education Abroad:

Table hosts: Kelly Newlon and Ryan Vonderhaar


Managed Information Technology Services (MITS) and Enhanced CFAES Learning Environments
Office of the Chief Information Officer - CFAES IT

Gain insight about Managed IT services (MITS) in Partnership with OCIO & Physical Spaces Enhanced for Teaching in CFAES.

IT Service:

Table Hosts: Mike Chakerian, Tom Marker, Nicole Six


Course Design Institure (CDI) and Other Curricular Support
University Institute for Teaching and Learning

We will be able to answer questions about our Course Design Institutes, our Curriculum Design Support Services, Assessment Support, and our opportunities for Learning Communities.

Table host: Teresa Johnson


Gray Ticket Professional Development Prizes Station

Depositing your gray ticket at Table #4 enters you for the possibility of receiving a copy of one of the publications detailed on the gray ticket informative posters.


Professional learning on Evidence-Based Instructional Strategies and Scholarship of Teaching and Learning Discipline-Based Research
University Institute for Teaching and Learning

Teaching Endorsements: Endorsements are credentials awarded to faculty who participate in professional learning programs that promote excellence in teaching. Teaching Support Program: The Teaching Support Programs (TSP) is a three-part, program for full-time and part-time tenure-track faculty, clinical faculty and lecturers. Faculty are provided with evidence-based practices and resources to help them reflect on their teaching and design learning activities, materials and courses that best support student learning. Completion comes with base pay increase. Research and Implementation Grants: Each year, UITL awards funding to faculty who are engaged in Scholarship of Teaching and Learning (SoTL) or Disciplinary-Based Educational Research (DBER) to support projects that advance the implementation and/or research of instructional best practices in their courses.

UITL site:

Table host: Melinda Rhodes-DiSalvo


Virtual Reality in Education a Demonstration of Use in Extension Education
OSU Extension

Imagine taking students on field trips to global landmarks, art performances, workforce tours, and rural and urban landscapes without ever leaving campus. All imaginable opportunities are possible by utilizing virtual reality (VR). Experience concrete examples using a VR headset.

Table hosts: Brooke Beam and Meghan Thoreau


College of Public Health

Sway is an app available with Office 365. Sway allows users to combine text, graphics, video, audio, and more into professional layouts with ease. Learn why Sway was selected for use in the classroom, how Sway is being used in College of Public Health, and discuss ways in which you might be able to incorporate Sway into your course.

Sway site:
on Sway:

Table hosts: Margaret Murphy and Mark Weir


CFAES Recording Studios and Video Production
Office of the Chief Information Officer - CFAES IT

The CFAES recording studio are now available in Wooster (130B Research Service) Columbus (264 Kottman Hall) for video and audio production by faculty, staff
and students. The IT Service Desk assists with reserving the space, setup and troubleshooting of the equipment, and issuing the loaner equipment for field recordings (field equipment only available in Columbus currently).

Table hosts: Valerie Childress, Tom Marker, Cort Sutherland


Digital Flagship - iPad
Office of Distance Education and eLearning

Digital Flagship is a comprehensive, university-wide digital learning initiative to support educational innovation for students and economic development opportunities for the community. Digital Flagship representatives will provide information about the initiative including information about the student technology (e.g.,iPad and apps), coding curriculum, and the mobile design lab.

Digital Flagship Technology:

Table hosts: Mitchell Bartholomew and Hannah


Digital Flagship - Mobile Design Lab
Office of Distance Learning Education and eLearning

Coding and digital skills are on the move across Ohio. The Mobile Design Lab is a unique space that makes it possible for all Ohio State students and faculty to build comprehensive digital skills through coding education, app development experts, community projects and state of the art technology available in the lab. In addition to serving all Ohio State campuses, the Mobile Design Lab will provide outreach to K-12 schools, the larger Ohio community and extended campus partners

Digital Flagship - Access. Connection. Opportunities.:

Table hosts: Brenden Dickerson and Hannah


Office of Distance Education and eLearning

Pressbooks is simple book production software. You can use Pressbooks to publish textbooks, scholarly monographs, non-fiction and fiction books, white papers, and more in multiple formats. Combining Pressbooks with the H5P plug in allows for creation of interactive elements within a digital book to produce an engaging and affordable product. Specific case studies featured at this booth will include digital books created and evaluated for HCS 3100 and CRSPOIL 2422T. Exhibitor is an experienced Pressbooks user. Feel free to ask about the Pressbook building process, book distribution, and initial feedback from students.  

OSU Pressbooks Catalog:
Pressbooks About:
Pressbooks User Guide:

Table host: Amy Kohmetscher


Access and Affordability Initiatives - Carmen Books
Office of Distance Education and eLearning

Reducing Textbook Costs with Carmenbooks. Through a partnership with Unizin, significant savings have been negotiated with many major textbook publishers - up to 80% off retail price. Digital textbooks are delivered directly in CarmenCanvas in a tab called CarmenBooks, allowing access to every student at the beginning of the semester. Speak with the representative present to discover how it work.

Affordable Learning Exchange:

Table host: Mike Shiflet


Learning Technology Toolkit - CarmenCancas, CarmenZoom, TopHat, etc.
Office of Distance Education and eLearning

We’re here for your questions about things like CarmenCanvas, Top Hat, U.OSU and the entire suite of learning technology tools and resources available to The Ohio State University. Learn more about what’s out there and where you can go for training and support.

ODEE Resource Center:

Table hosts: Henry Griffy, Tara Koger, John Muir and Valerie Rake


Learning Technology Toolkit - same as above.


Ohio State University ATI Library

Students at OSU that receive iPads also get the educational apps called Notability and Explain Everything. At this table you will learn how these apps work. Notability is a powerful, yet simple note-taking and PDF annotation app. Explain Everything is an innovative online and mobile whiteboard for creating engaging collaboration and learning experiences.


Table host: Abagail Burkey


Scarlet Ticket Professional Development Prizes Station

Depositing your scarlet ticket at Table #16 enters you for the possibility of receiving reimbursement of the registration cost for your participation in one of the five identified conferences detailed on the scarlet ticket informative posters.