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You’ve spent the summer detailing every key topic and learning outcomes your students need to master through your planned learning experience. Now the big day has come. There is excitement in the air. You line up with all of your learners at the starting line and ‘bang’ you are off and running this teaching and learning marathon. Things are clicking well; the scenery is breath-taking; your content is amazing; but look around and most of the learners are nowhere to be found. Obtain tips on how to help your learners navigate the exchange, have a positive experience, and better attain the outcomes that will set them up for future success.

Kelvin Trefz
Mr. Kelvin Trefz

Program Manager
Online Education and Outreach
The Ohio State University

Kelvin performs instructors design for online and face-to-face courses, analyzes data from the Registrar systems, and works directly with faculty on formative and summative assessments for their courses. Additionally, he works with faculty to develop online non-academic non-credit courses and programs.