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Epic Win or Epic Flop? Gamification of My Classroom


Student engagement within courses requiring memorization can be challenging. Gamification, as a strategy to increase interest, and, hopefully, engagement, was incorporated into a plant identification course, turning it into a game of Plants vs. Zombies. The ultimate goal of this course redesign was to get students to be internet content generators and not merely absorbers. Join the instructor as she shares her successes and challenges experienced in the redesign and deployment of this new approach.

Laura Deeter
Dr. Laura Deeter

Horticulture Technologies
The Ohio State University

Laura is currently a Full Professor of Horticulture at Ohio State ATI in Wooster, OH teaching a host of horticulture classes: Woody and Herbaceous Plant Identification, Landscape Design, and Plant Health Management, to name a few. She has received many awards throughout her career, including the Ohio State Alumni Award for Distinguished Teaching and the Perennial Plant Association Teaching Award. She travels extensively around the country speaking on topics related to horticulture including taxonomy and nomenclature, among others.