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Kick the Costly Software Habit: Free and Open Souce Software (FOSS) for Classroom and Laboratory


Investigate and discuss Free and Open Source Software (FOSS) as an alternative to proprietary software for learners and educators. Learn the benefits of FOSS, relevant FOSS programs, and how it can be used in your teaching and learning exchanges as well as research laboratories to make learning more accessible.

Christopher Stieha
Dr. Christopher Stieha

Assistant Professor
Department of Biology
Millersville University

Christopher studies the effects of plant-herbivore interactions on population dynamics and teaches Ecology, Population and Community Ecology, and Biometry at Millersville University. In both his research and his teaching, he uses Free/Libre Open Source Software (FLOSS) from the Linux operating system to the R statistical programming language. By using FLOSS, he lowers costs, teaches transferable skills, and gives students access to free software that they can use beyond the university.

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