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Workshop: Using Videos to Enhance Teaching and Learning

Alumni Lounge

Learn skills and techniques to produce and use video as a teaching aid and as a student evaluation technique to enhance the teaching and learning process. Participants will learn basic skills to incorporate videos into their instruction with iPads and smart phones.

Valerie Childress
Ms. Valerie Childress

Instructional Development Specialist
CFAES Agricultural Technical Institute
The Ohio State University

Valerie is an instructional development specialist for Ohio State ATI. Her main role at ATI is to assist faculty, staff and students with educational technologies including Carmen course development
(online, hybrid and in-person), technology workshops, equipment loans, and software reviews. She is also involved in website design, educational technology research, classroom design, and also teaches courses in biology, chemistry, and freshman orientation.

Amy Kohmetscher
Ms. Amy Kohmetscher

Instructional Development Specialist
CFAES Online Education & Outreach
The Ohio State University

Amy is an Instructional Development Specialist for CFAES Online Education & Outreach. Her role includes working with faculty to develop and deliver distance courses, creating online content for courses, and assisting with evaluation of courses and materials. Additionally, Amy collaborates with staff and faculty from other departments and Extension to help facilitate delivery of online non-academic credit courses and programs.