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140G Agricultural Administration Building

College Space

Agricultural Administration [AA]

Room: 140G
Building #: 003

AA0140G - 1

2120 Fyffe Road
Columbus, OH 43210

Facility ID: AA0140G

Facility Type: Conference Room

Seat Count: 18 seats

AA0140G - 2

Space Managed By:
     CFAES Dean's Office

Space Scheduling Contact:
     Joshua Hayes.644

Space Technical Contact:
     CFAES IT (4-4848)



Room Characteristics

Y Moveable Tablet Arm Chairs
Y Stationary Tablet Arm Chairs
N Moveable Tables/Chairs
N Stationary Tables/Chairs
N Instructor Table/Chair
Y Air Conditioned
Y Carpeted
N Sloped/Tiered Floors
N Elevated Stage
Y Windows
Y Black Out Shade
Y Variable Intensity Lighting
N Chalkboards
N Whiteboards
N Vertical Sliding Chalkboards
N Vertical Sliding Whiteboards
N 2+ LCD Projectors
N Standard Podium
Y Sympodium
N Document Camera
Y Zoom Capabilities
Y Laptop Required
N Computer Provided


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