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Natalie Morelli

Rank: Senior
Major: Animal Sciences

As an incoming third-year pre-vet student, I am so excited to be a peer mentor for the second time and work with the new students! Ever since I was little, my passion has always involved helping animals. My goal after college as of now is to attend vet school and own a small animal practice. Outside the classroom, however, I am very involved in things such as pre-vet club, guiding eyes for the blind (I'm a puppy sitter, talk to me about it!), the ultimate Frisbee Fever B team, and I was part of the CFAES Living and Learning Community for my first two years. Coming from out of state, I feel I am a good fit to help freshman with their transition to college. Being far from home can be scary, and I know how overwhelming the size of school can be, but finding the right niche really makes it seem smaller, and I can’t wait to help the new students find theirs too! I love OSU because you can meet someone new each and every day while also finding your niche to make this big school feel small. I chose to become a peer mentor because I want to gain leadership experience and make a positive difference in the lives of the freshmen and make their transition easier.