Virtual Experience Ohio State for a Day

VIRTUAL Experience Ohio State for a Day!

As you may be aware, The Ohio State University has announced the suspension of face-to-face instruction of lectures, discussion sections, seminars, and other similar classroom settings, and the move to virtual instruction effective immediately and through at least Monday, March 30. Additionally, on campus events until April 20 are limited. Unfortunately, all on-campus visit events for the remainder of the semester are cancelled.

The Virtual Experience Ohio State for a Day will allow you to engage in individualized online meetings with faculty and staff. In addition to learning about the features and opportunities within the college, we will coordinate meetings with a student’s intended major or minor. Because this visit is personalized, we request five business days to coordinate your schedule. Register for your virtual below!

For scheduling purposes, please request a date that is at least FIVE days from now.

At most, we can accomodate three departmental areas. To see how many departments your interest areas fall under, please click here.

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