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2016 Participants

Animal Sciences - Animal Health
NAME TITLE (to read abstract, click on title) PROJECT ADVISOR
Rachael Adams Extended-spectrum cephalosporin, carbapenem, and fluoroquinolone resistant coliform bacteria from two large equine referral hospitals Thomas Wittum
Amy Albers Salmonella enterica Prevalence in The Ohio State University Veterinary Medical Center Environment Thomas Wittum
Amanda Backus Quarter Horse Growth Rates from Birth to One Year Kim Cole
Erin Connell Effect of Time of Day of Vaccination on Interleukin 10 Gene Expression in Horses Kim Cole
Cory Howard Investigating the Interplay Between HTLV-1 Viral Factors, Tax and HBZ, During T-cell Transformation Patrick Green
Holden Hutchinson Prevalence of Antimicrobial Resistant E.coli in a Veal Calf Production System Gregory Habing
Antoinette Metzler Characterization of Biofilm Production of Staphylococcal aureus Isolates of Veterinary Origin Armando Hoet
Rachel Park Impact of Sow Lameness on Piglet Weight and Mortality Monique Pairis-Garcia
John Rowe Role of intestinal epithelial cells NF-kB in host response to ingestion of low doses of cadmium Prosper Boyaka
Gabrielle Ruble Effect of Time of Day of Vaccination in Quarter Horse Mares on Pro-Inflammatory Cytokine Gene Expression Kim Cole
Alyssa Willibey The Influence of Dietary Energy Source on Microbial Diversity in the Equine Gastrointestinal Tract Kim Cole


Animal Sciences - Nutrition
NAME TITLE (to read abstract, click on title) PROJECT ADVISOR
Jared Ashworth Mitigation of Methane in Dairy Cows by Nitrate Feed and Yea-Sacc Supplementation Jeff Firkins
Sarah Eddy Influence of Dietary Yeast Supplementation on the Microbial Profiles of Colostrum and Milk in Quarter Horse Mares Kim Cole
Clint Gasser The Effects of the Interaction between Nitrate and Protozoa on Methane Production in Continuous Culture Fermenters Jeff Firkins
Sarah Harp Determining the effect of protozoal inhibitors on protozoal motility to improve ruminant feed efficiency and reduce enteric methane Jeff Firkins
Rachel Nelson In-Vitro Starch and NDF Digestibility Using Rumen Fluid from Control and Bovamine® Supplemented Cows Maurice Eastridge
Rachel Woodfint Identification of Mucin 2 as a Strong Promoter for Gut-Specific Genes Kichoon Lee


Environmental and Plant Sciences
NAME TITLE (to read abstract, click on title) PROJECT ADVISOR
Anneliese Abbott Historic Soil Conservation at Malabar Farm, 1939-1972 Jim Metzger
Tiffany Atkinson The Relationship between Turbidity and Carotenoid-based Coloration of Centrarchid Fishes in Urban Streams Suzanne Gray
Robert Denney Current Composition and Structure of a Disjunct Eastern Hemlock Ecosystem in Alabama and Modeling Hemlock Woolly Adelgid Infestation David Hix
Zach Griebenow Revision of Diagnostic Morphological Traits in Three Caribbean Species of Heterotermes (Isoptera: Rhinotermitidae) Susan Jones
John Grusenmeyer Response of Plenish soybeans to manganese foliar application Laura Lindsey
Juliana Hussey, Mikafui Dzotsi, and Anastasia Sipes Evaluating Fertilizer Types on Eucalyptus Plantation Growth in Southern China Roger Williams
Bingcai Liu Market factor and Nitrogen Concentrations in the Mississippi River ---- Based on WRTDS Model Brent Sohngen
Bridget O'Banion Impact of Mixed and Pure Stand Eucalyptus Plantations on Soil Quality in Southwestern China Roger Williams
Erin O'Shaughnessey Why does predator abundance increase after invasion of a non-native prey? Lauren Pintor
Matthew Osterholt Impact of Foliar Fungicide on Corn under Induced Drought Stress Alexander Lindsey
Jeffrey Robbins The Optokinetic Response of Fishes to Different Levels of Turbidity Suzanne Gray
Jacob Wittman Aquatic Habitat Degradation and Hybridization of Sunfish Suzanne Gray


Food Science
NAME TITLE (to read abstract, click on title) PROJECT ADVISOR
Mackenzie Hannum Evaluating the impact of safflower oil concentration and fatty acid composition on consumer acceptance of soy pretzels Yael Vodovotz
Rachel Larue Quantification of Pyropheophytins in Extra Virgin Olive Oils Using Portable Mid-Infrared Spectroscopy and Multivariate Analysis Luis Rodriguez-Saona
Fangjun Liu Comparison in physicochemical attributes changes between soy pretzel made with various saturated lipids at 10% or 40% oil concentration Yael Vodovotz
Lindsay Moeller Interaction of Retronasal and Orthonasal Perception of Unfamiliar Flavors Christopher Simons
Meredith Myers An Analysis of Behavior and Adherence to Three Black Raspberry Functional Confections in Men and Women for Oral Health Promotion Yael Vodovotz
Kathryn Williamson Investigating the Amorphous Form of Black Raspberry Functional Confections on Consumer Acceptance and Confection Disintegration Yael Vodovotz


Social Sciences
NAME TITLE (to read abstract, click on title) PROJECT ADVISOR
Sara Adamczak Educational Value of Human-Animal Interactions Kim Cole
Erin Homerosky A Qualitative Assessment of Veterinary Student Wellness Jennifer Brandt
Ethan Rhodus Evaluating the Impacts of Outdoor Orientation Programs at The Ohio State University Greg Hitzhusen