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Forestry, Fisheries and Wildlife

Forestry, Fisheries, and Wildlife uses basic biology to create sustainable solutions for ecosystems, habitats, and plant and animal species that are affected by human use of the environment. Students completing this program earn the degree Bachelor of Science in Environment and Natural Resources. Students have the opportunity to specialize in the following areas:

Forestry This specialization focuses on the ecology and management of forest ecosystems. 
Fisheries and Aquatic Sciences This specialization involves the study of aquatic organisms and ecosystems, exploring the sustainable use of aquatic resources, and understanding how to apply science to a broad range of conservation and environmental issues.
Wildlife This specialization emphasizes managing ecosystems and populations so that all components remain healthy and balanced.
Possible Career Options
Education Coordinator Fish Hatchery Technician
Fisheries Biologist Forest Conservation Educator
Forest Firefighter Forester
Private Consultant Public Relations Manager
Urban Forester Wildlife Biologist or Refuge Manager
Classes and Curriculum
Forestry Students may take courses in ornithology, animal diversity, wildlife ecology, biology of woody forests, forest ecosystems, forest biometry, photo interpretation, silvaculture, city and regional planning, fire ecology, and forest entomology. 
Fisheries and Aquatic Sciences Students may take classes in taxonomy and behavior of fishes, stream ecology, evolution, general chemistry, aquatic ecosystems, mechanics, kinematics, fluids, and waves.
Wildlife Students can take courses in chemistry, physics, ornithology, animal diversity, mammalogy, wildlife ecology and management, wildlife identification, local flora, animal form and function, environmental communications, entomology, and more. 
After Graduation
78.6% 14.3% 7.1%

* Numbers are based on responses from graduates at six months post-graduation date.

** Average Salary: $31,304

Getting Involved
Esther DeBusk
Scholars and Recruitment Coordinator
School of Environment and Natural Resources
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Hannah Zimmerman
Coordinator of Prospective Student Services
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