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Environment, Economy, Development, and Sustainability

badgeEnvironment, Economy, Development, and Sustainability is a multidisciplinary major that focuses on economics, business, social change, and managing components of sustainability to ensure a better environment for both present and future generations. Students will learn how to assess and implement sustainable practices in a variety of settings, including private businesses, nonprofit organizations, local communities, and international development projects. This is a joint major between the School of Environment and Natural Resources and the Department of Agricultural, Environmental, and Development Economics. Students completing this program earn the degree Bachelor of Science in Environment and Natural Resources. Students have the opportunity to specialize in the following areas:

Community Development Students learn the theories and processes of community planning, local economies, social change, and the skills needed to implement positive social, economic, and environmental change while taking a holistic community approach and encouraging citizen engagement.
Environmental Economics and Policy Analysis Students learn how to measure and enhance the benefits of ecosystem services and to design and evaluate policies that address environmental problems by accounting for the natural science and social dimensions of economic activity.
International Development Students learn the theory and practice of sustainable development in an international setting and learn how to reduce long-term poverty by developing approaches that promote improved, secure, and sustainable livelihood strategies for those whose basic survival depends directly on the natural environment.
Sustainability and Business Students learn how and why businesses are moving to a sustainability management approach and the tools needed to assess, manage, and lead sustainability in a business context. 

Possible Career Options

Green Business/Social Entrepreneur Community Economic Developer
Cooperative Enterprise Manager Global Supply Chain Planner
Corporate Sustainability Manager Peace Corps Volunteer
Sustainability Risk Strategist Regional or City Planner
Fair Trade Consultant International Development Program Officer

Classes and Curriculum

AU22 Curriculum Guide

Community Development Students will take classes in leadership in teams and community organizations, planning for sustainable economic development, leadership and community development, social impact assessment, and planning resilient environments.
Environmental Economics and Policy Analysis Students will take classes in benefit-cost analysis, public policy analysis, environmental impact evaluation, law and economics, energy, environment and economy, and intermediate microeconomics.
International Development Students will take classes in international economic development, social groups in developing countries, food security and globalization, women in environment and development, cultural conflict in developing nations, and international environmental politics.
Sustainability and Business Students will take classes in introductory accounting and finance, government and business, environmental impact evaluation, green business, and energy, environment and economy. 
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