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Culinary Science

Culinary Science combines the creativity of culinary arts and the science of food science to allow students to learn the planning and preparation needed for cuisine as well as create food dishes for the consumer market. This major is designed to complement study at a culinary institute. Students completing this program earn the degree Bachelor of Science in Agriculture.  

Possible Career Options
Corporate Restaurant Menu Developer Product Research and Development
Test Kitchen Researcher Culinary Research Technologist
Sensory Researcher  
Classes and Curriculum

Students will take classes focusing on food quality assurance, food additives, food product development, and food processing by either transferring to Ohio State after completing an Associate’s Degree in their chosen culinary field or concurrently taking classes at a culinary institution.

After Graduation
100% 0% 0%

* Numbers are based on responses from graduates at six months post-graduation date.

** Average Salary: $35,000

Getting Involved
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Food Science Club

The Food Science Club acquaints students with the scope of Food Science and Technology by encouraging leadership, professional development, and developing working relationships between students and faculty. 

Mary Kay Pohlschneider
Department of Food Science and Technology
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Hannah Zimmerman
Coordinator of Prospective Student Services
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