Construction Systems Management

Construction Systems Management is designed to give students a comprehensive education in the technical, analytical, and business aspects of construction. Students will focus on developing managerial skills to prepare for a career in coordinating and directing construction activities in sectors including residential, commercial, and heavy construction. 

Possible Career Options
Commerical Construction Manager Contractor
Excavation Project Manager Reclamation Inspector
Residential Construction Manager Project Safety Specialist
Site Preparation Specialist Soil Conservationist
Classes and Curriculum

Students will take courses in construction materials and methods, mechanical systems, electrical and lighting systems, surveying and site development, estimating, scheduling, structures, heavy construction, safety and health, project management, contracts and documents, professional development, business management, and technical electives. 

After Graduation
94.4% 1.9% 3.7%

* Numbers are based on responses from graduates at six months post-graduation date.

** Average Salary: $57,500

Getting Involved
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Construction Systems Management Club

The Construction Systems Management Club helps connect the leaders from the Columbus Construction industry with students in the Construction Systems Management major, providing networking opportunities and allowing students to continue learning about construction after class is over. 

LaShanda C. Coleman
Academic Program Coordinator
Department of Food, Agricultural and Biological Engineering


Krista Scott
Coordinator of Prospective Student Services
(614) 292-8124