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Animal Sciences


Animal Sciences is the study of the basic principles of science and their application to the biological, economic, social, and environmental aspects as they relate to animals and the society we live in. Students will receive a firm foundation in the basic science disciplines, which include population and molecular genetics, nutrition, physiology (lactational, reproductive, and growth), biotechnology, behavior, management, and welfare. 




Animal Sciences Specializations

Animal Biosciences

A pre-veterinary track. This specialization lays the important groundwork for understanding the biological and chemical systems of animals as well as prepares students to apply to professional/graduate school programs. Students earn the degree Bachelor of Science in Agriculture. Coursework in this specialization includes animal nutrition, physiology, genetics, health, immunology, and reproductive physiology. Students will also pursue upper-level science coursework required for professional school admission including organic chemistry, biochemistry, physics, microbiology, and molecular genetics. View Curriculum Requirements

Animal Industries

This specialization prepares students to begin careers in diverse animal industries after they graduate. Students earn the degree Bachelor of Science in Agriculture and will focus on a well-rounded education in the behavior, management, economics, marketing, health, nutrition, physiology, and genetics of animals. View Curriculum Requirements


Students will learn the fundamentals of nutrition and how diet impacts the whole body as a consequence of nutrient actions at the cellular and molecular levels, playing a vital role in optimizing the health, well-being, and performance of animals, including humans, to enhance the quality and longevity of life. This specialization is an interdisciplinary program between the Departments of Animal Sciences and Human Nutrition. Students earn the degree Bachelor of Science in Nutrition where students learn fundamental concepts in biology, chemistry, genetics, physiology, biochemistry, nutritional physiology, nutrient transport and metabolism, digestion, absorption, utilization of dietary carbohydrates and fat for energy production, as well as vitamin and mineral requirements. View Curriculum Requirements

Veterinary Technology

This is a joint program between the Department of Animal Sciences and the Columbus State Community College Veterinary Technology Program that enables students to gain both a Bachelor of Science in Agriculture from Ohio State and an Applied Science degree from Columbus State in 4 years. Students will study radiology, parasitology, anesthesiology, surgery techniques, and small animal health and disease as well as animal nutrition, physiology, genetics, behavior, and management. Students can gain their veterinary technology licensure and certification to work as a highly-qualified veterinary technologist or pursue an impactful career in the animal industry. View Curriculum Requirements


Possible Career Options

Animal Biosciences  Biomedical Research Technologist Geneticist
Laboratory Researcher Reproductive Physiologist
Animal Industries Animal Assisted Therapy Coordinator Commodity Organization Specialist
Embryo Transfer Technician Feed Sales Representative
Large Animal Trainer  
Nutrition Allied Health Care Professional Medical Doctor​*
Nutritional Consultant Pharmaceutical Sales Representative
Veterinary Technology Animal Shelter Manager Animal Behaviorist
Laboratory Animal Manager Veterinary Technician

* Additional Education Required


After Graduation

Animal Biosciences 45.8% 48.6% $44,792
Animal Industries 63.9% 30.6% $40,391
Nutrition 100% 0% N/A
Veterinary Technology 100% 0% $35,360


* Numbers are based on responses from graduates at six months post-graduation date.

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Department of Animal Sciences
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