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Kyle Anderson PCR-DGGE and Real-Time PCR Analyses of Total Bacteria, Bifidobacteria and Lactobacilli Populations in Human Subjects Consuming Calcium Gluconate Zhongtang Yu
Ryan Cassidy, Cheung Cheung, Steven Childs, and Abby Crouse The effect of Sweeteners on Ice Cream Characteristics Gonul Kaletunc
Stephanie Cowell Application of the QBR Index to the Riparian Forests of Several Central Ohio Streams David Hix
Allie Davids TIMP-1 Mediated Cellular Proliferation: The Search for a TIMP-1 Receptor Jeffrey Lakritz
Joanna Engel Supplemental Rumen-Protected Choline and Methionine for Lactating Dairy Cows Maurice Eastridge
Rebecca Fauver Impact of the Invasive Species Lonicera maackii on Soil Microbial Communities in Riparian Forests Virginie Bouchard
Leah Finney Assessing Farmers' Level of Awareness of Ohio's Good Neighbor Agricultural Policy Tom Stewart
John Foltz Exotic and Native Fish Habitat Overlap Jeffrey Reutter
Tera Fraley Value-Based Marketing System for Goats Henry Zerby
Klaus Freeland Metabolizable Energy in Normal Roosters versus Cecectomized Roosters David Latshaw
Bethany Frew Use of Landfill Leachate to Generate Electricity in Microbial Fuel Cells Ann Christy
Rebecca Galioto Reducing Ammonia Volatilization From Dairy Cattle Manure Bill Weiss
Lara Gilligan Effects of Microbial Inhibitors on Protozoa in Continuous Culture Jeff Firkins
Amanda Hardesty The Role and Value of Urban Parks in Tomsk, Russia David Sydnor
Lauren Hitchcock Risky Business: Seasonal Reproductive Consequences of Birds Nesting in Exotic Shrubs Amanda Rodewald
Patrick Klenk, Nikki Skrinak, and Katherine Wilson Effect of Fat Content on Quality of Ice Cream Gonul Kaletunc
Kimberly Kroesen The Effects of Breeder Hen Age and Incubation Temperature on Duckling Embryo Development Michael Lilburn
Joseph Lelapi Green Fluorescent Protein Expression in Bone-Marrow-Derived Mesenchymal Stem Cells of Immunocompetent and Athymic Nude Rats Alicia Bertone
Ashley Lepper Relationship Between Hemoglobin Concentration and Fresh Pork Quality Characteristics Henry Zerby
Matthew Limmer and Abbey Monnig Ice Cream or I Scream?  The Effect of Volume of Ice Cream Mix on Overall Ice Cream Quality Gonul Kaletunc
Ruth Lucius Effects of Sodium Hexametaphosphate on Inhibiting Listeria innocua in ready-to-eat Meat Products Lynn Knipe
Kyle Marano Phosphorus Deficient Broiler Growth Plate Formation David Latshaw
Cynthia May Adapting USEPA Protocol for Detection and Enumeration of Giardia and Cryptosporidium in an Agricultural Setting Cliff Mahan
Kristen Meiers Identification of the Genes and Mechanisms Involved with Adipocyte Differentiation Kichoon Lee
Matthew Miller and Melissa Nazareth Effect of Mixing Speed on Ice Cream Quality Gonul Kaletunc
Stacey Mortiz The Effect of PGF on VEGF Expression in Early vs. Mid-Cycle Corporea Lutea of Sheep Joseph Ottobre
Daniel Poole Association of Beef Myosin Light Chain and Heavy Chain Isoforms with Carcass Tenderness of Scottish Highland Cattle MacDonald Wick
Amanda Shumaker Integration of the Senses Jeannie Delwiche
Amanda Todd Effects of Dietary Supplementation of Unsaturated Fat, Vitamin E, and Sorbitol on the Performance of Dairy Cows and the Fatty Acid Concentrations in Milk Maurice Eastridge
Miranda Vieson Effect of Moisture Enhancement on Sensory Attributes, Tenderness, and Retail Color of Beef Steaks from the Gluteus Medius Paul Kuber
Erin Wilburn Effects of Supplementing Natural Vitamin E in the Diets or Drinking Water of Weanling Pigs Donald Mahan
Maggie Wisman Effects of Fat Content on Combined Pressure-Thermal Inactivation of Bacillus amyloliquefaciens V.M. Balasubramaniam
Jillian Yarnell Dissemination of Antimicrobial Resistance Genes in Bovine Hospital Patients Julie Funk