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Sally Adams Impact of Different Prebiotics on Invitro Fermentation and Ecology of Infant Stool Samples Zhongtang Yu
Laura Balke Correlation Between Nitrogen Analysis Throughout the Growing Season and Yield of Corn Treated with Either Hog Manure or Ammonium-Nitrate Fertilizer at Varying Rates Donald Eckert
Gina Berry Effects of Feeding Glycerol with Different Levels of Non-Fiber Carbohydrates Maurice Eastridge
Chanun Chakarn Effects of Green Tea Extract on Soy Bread Physical Properties and Total Phenolic Content Yael Vodovotz
Colleen Drow Effects of Monensin on Rumen Fermentation in Lactating Dairy Cattle Jeff Firkins
Abbi Fickes A Comparison of Urinary Hormone Profiles With Fecal Extract Hormone Profiles in Equus Ferrus Przewalski Keith Irvin
Rebecca Galioto Effect of the Androgen Receptor on Lymphocyte Infiltration Into the Porcine Endometrium Bill Pope
Lara Gilligan Improving the Efficiency of Liquid Feed Use in Dairy Rations Jeff Firkins
Sherri Gress How Feeding Anionic Salts Affects Ammonia Emissions from Lactating Dairy Cattle William Weiss
Holly Hauser Attempts to Create Rickets in Mice Using a Calcium Deficient Diet David Latshaw
Elizabeth Homerosky Fatty Acid Digestibility of Fat Sources Fed to Dairy Cows and Effects on Fatty Acid Composition in Milk Maurice Eastridge
Kevin Hopkins Conventional vs Organic Diets in Broilers Michael Lilburn
Jaclyn Janis Quantifying the Ecological Footprint of the Ohio State University Mohan Wali
Mary Kopechek Expression of CD163 on Bovine Alveolar Macrophages and Peripheral Blood Mononuclear Cells Jeffrey Lakritz
Philip Krawel Effects of Varying Levels of Fortification of Natural or Synthetic Vitamin E Serum and Tocopheral Concentration Don Mahan
Bethany Larue A Three Year Study of the Macro- and Microecological Succession in Wetlands Following Major Disturbance Mark Morrison
Ashley Lepper Efficacy of Blood Hemoglobin as an Indicator of Pork Quality Henry Zerby
Sarah Luthman Impact of Agricultural Literacy Efforts on Elementary Students' Knowledge of Production Agriculture Susie Whittington
Jennifer Lynch Effects of Dietary Conjugated Linoleic Acid on Fatty Acid Profile of Abdominal Fat  Joe Hogan
Corin Marron, Elizabeth Nazareth, and Nikki Skrinak From Grey to Green; a Greywater Reuse System for Edendale Valley School Jay Martin
Sarah McCready Intestinal Development Following Arachidonic and Docosahexaenoic Acid Supplementation in a Premature Piglet Model Pasha Lyvers-Peffer
Lily Meyer Effect on Immobilization Method on Activity of Alpha-Amylase  Gonul Kaletunc
Jordan Miller Organic/Transitional Edamame and Sweet Corn Seedling Establishment Mark Bennett
Andy Nichols Predicting Lamb Tenderness using Proteomic Analysis of 36 hour Postmortem Muscle  MacDonald Wick
Curtis Niedermier Ohio County Extension Educators Evaluation of Susie Whittington
Kara Riggs Silencing the Signal; Isoflavones and Phytophthora Sojae Zoospore Chemotaxis Terrence Graham
Danielle Robinson Transduction of B-Lactamase Genes in Livestock Waste Systems: Transfer of Antibiotic Resistant Genes via a Virus Jeffrey LeJeune
Rachel Roesser The Effect of Commercial Feeds vs Home Mixed Feeds on Foal Growth Robert Kline
Sarah Roy The Efficacy of the Supplemental Enzyme Phytase for Broiler Chicks Fed Phosphorus From Plant Sources David Latshaw
Shawn Ryan Interactions of Unsaturated Fat and Coconut Oil With Ramensin on Inhibition of Milk Fat Production  ; Medicated Through Trans- Oetacdecanoic Acid Isomers Jeff Firkins
Daniel Sanders Preserving America's Heritage Livestock Breeds Stan Ernst
Maranda Sauerland Effects of pH and Temperature on the Denaturation of Myoglobin in Fresh Pork Henry Zerby
Kerri Seger Urbanization Effects on Avian Singing Behavior Amanda Rodewald
Lisa Tran Impact of Sulfites on Grape Juices Ken Lee
Cynthia Weber Effects of Sodium Chloride Concentration on Sensory Attributes, Shear-Force and Retail Color of Moisture Enhanced Fresh Beef Steaks Paul Kuber
Sarah Wells Effect of Breed on Palatability of Dry-Cured Ham Steven Moeller
Heath Williams Isolation and Purification of Myosinisofoms from the Epoxial Muscle of Yellow Perch (Perca flavecens) MacDonald Wick
Justin Williams Current Wildlife Utilization and Habitat Development Alternatives for Restoring a Coal Slurry Impoundment and Refuse Pile in Meigs County, Ohio Robert Gates