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NAME TITLE (to read abstract, click on title) PROJECT ADVISOR 2ND PROJECT ADVISOR
Kristen Bartholomew Short-Term Intermittent Hypoxia Improves Stroke Outcome in Mice Randy Nelson  
Joey Brown Performance of First Lactation Jersey Cows in Response to High Protein, High Fat Liquid Feeds with Varied Fatty Acid Profiles as Calves Maurice Eastridge  
Treg Brown Effects of Anthelmintics on Microbial Diversity in the Gastrointestinal Tracts of Horses Kim Cole  
Paula Chen Development of Regulation of Adipose Tissue Growth Through Hyperplasia and Hypertrophy in the Embryonic Leghorn and Broiler Kichoon Lee  
Megan Cline Effects of Maternal Dietary Yeast Supplementation on Immunoglobulin Concentrations Following Vaccination in Quarter Horse Foals Kim Cole  
Emily Dudash Growth of Periruminant Holstein Bull Calves Fed a Fermentation Extract of Aspergillus oryzae Kristy Daniels  
Quynh Duong Effect of processing and formulation on water migration through lipids Farnaz Maleky  
Sarah Finney Methods of Detecting Ketosis in Jersey and Holstein Herds Maurice Eastridge  
Michael Hannewald The Effectiveness of Corn Nitrogen Recommendation Strategies in Creating Variable Rate Prescriptions Jim Metzger  
Rachel Hefflinger Examining the Short Term Effects of Restoration Plantings on Emerald Ash Borer Infested Flood Plains Kathleen Knight  
Yasmine Jackson Serosurveillance of canine and human Influenza infection in Canis-lupis Familiars Chang Lee  
Hannah Kester Using Bio-Sensors to Measure Activity and Milk Compositional Changes During Streptococcus uberis Induced Mastitis Joseph Hogan  
Kelsey Koke Evaluation of a Salmonella-Vectored Vaccine Expressing a cjaA Epitope on Campylobacter Colonization in Broiler Chickens Kim Cole  
Chloe Long Effects of Dietary Glycerin on Rumen Metabolism of Beef Cattle Fed 50% Dried Distillers Grains with Solubles Tara Felix  
Robert Medberry The Effect of Acclimation Hypoxia on Fish Sensitivity to Ammonia Toxicity Konrad Dabrowski  
Mackenzie Miller Beginning Life Uncovered: Chemical Dechorionation of Freshwater Fish Embryos Konrad Dabrowski  
Logan Morris The Impacts of Dual Variation of pH and Passage Rate on Methane Production Jeff Firkins  
Amanda Prickett Implications of incubation temperature modulation on Type X collagen expression in embryonic duck skeletal development Michael Lilburn Macdonald Wick
Anastasia Purgianto Influence of Laminar Shear on Water Vapor Gradient in Lipid Films Farnaz Maleky  
Dean Renner Impact of Religious Affiliation on Economic Growth in Sub Sahara Africa Douglas Southgate  
Nick Rettig Compare and Contrast of Option Decay Functions Carl Zulauf  
Elizabeth Roche Effect of water stress on northern red oak constitutive defenses and disease resistance to Phytophthora cinnamomi Pierluigi Bonello  
Dana Sorter Bacterial Counts in Recycled Manure Bedding Replaced Daily or Deep Packed Free Stalls Joe Hogan  
Penny Sparks Susceptibility of Running Buffalo Clover, an endangered species, to Soybean Cyst Nematode David Barker  
Rachel Townsley Health of Holstein Bull Calves Fed a Fermentation Extract of Aspergillus Oryzae Kristy Daniels  
Abby Vennekotter The Influence of Probiotics on D-Lactate Concentrations in Quarter Horse Mares Kim Cole  
Stephanie Verhoff Pollen limits seed set in small populations of feral Miscanthus sinensis, an ornamental grass with invasive potential Kim Cole  
Brooklyn Wagner Development of video analysis of protozoal activity and future implications on ruminant nutrition research Jeff Firkins  
Chloe Welch Bioturbation by the Invasive Rusty Crayfish (Orconectes rusticus) Affects Turbidity and Nutrients: Implications for Harmful Algal Blooms Lauren Pintor  
Jamie Zumach The Effect of Contextual Cues on Consumer Liking Results Christopher Simmons