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Global Education FAQs

The decision to participate in a global education is important and requires consideration of several factors.  Below are some of the most frequently asked questions we receive.  For more general FAQs on Global Education (why study abroad, how to pick a program), visit the Office of International Affairs FAQs page. If you have additional questions, or questions not addressed here, please reach out to either Elizabeth Shuman(.29) or Ryan Vonderhaar(.15).


How do I know which program is right for me?

With so many options between CFAES and Ohio State programming it can be hard to decide which program may be best for you.  To help you find the best program, consider what you want to study, where you want to go, your budget, and when you want to go. 

These are just a few questions to ask yourself as you are considering program options.  You can find more questions to consider on the Choosing the Right Program website.

How do I apply for an Ohio State Program?

Students apply for CFAES programs by clicking on the “apply now” button located at the bottom of the Ohio State program web flyer. 

Our applications run on a cyclical basis, while the apply now button will not always be active, our applications usually open about 9 months before the travel term starts and close the semester prior to travel.

Before you apply, be sure to confirm that you meet program eligibility requirements and Ohio State conditions for participation

For more information on how to prepare your application, see the apply page of the Global Education website.

Are there scholarships available for Global Education Programs?

Yes! CFAES students participating on CFAES programs are eligible for specific global education scholarships from the College.  Students must have a College Scholarship application on file in order to be considered for CFAES funding.  

Additional Global Education Scholarships are available from other units at Ohio State, including the Office of International Affairs, and other national programs.  Students can also use their STEP funding towards any CFAES program.

Visit the Global Education website for more information on funding global education.

What does the application review process look like?

CFAES programs do not have rolling admission, we will not start our application review process until after the published application deadline.  The review process varies a little by program.  Some of our programs include a group interview process that allows the Resident Directors a chance to meet the students apply for their programs.  This is meant to be an opportunity for you to meet the Resident Director and share more about your interest in the program.

For those programs that do not require an interview, the Resident Directors will review the application materials you submitted.  Once decisions have been made, all students will be notified of their admissions decision via email. 

Once you are accepted, you will have 10 days to commit to your program.  If at any point leading up to your commitment date you decide you do not wish to participate on your program you can withdraw your application or decline your acceptance.  You will lose your $150 application fee but will have no other cancellation penalty.

Once you commit to your education abroad program, then you are subject to the cancellation policy.   

How can I prepare for my program?

There are many things to consider as you prepare to travel abroad.  All CFAES programs will have some form of a pre-departure orientation.  For some programs this may happen during a course taken during the semester prior to departure and for others this will be a separate meeting(s) held during the weeks leading up to departure. 

During these meetings we will discuss what to pack, how to handle money, communication expectations, how to stay healthy and safe and much more.  If you would like to start reviewing some of these details in advance, you can read more about preparing to depart on the Global Education website. 

Am I able to get course credit when I study abroad?

Yes! On faculty-led programs you will see under that each program has a pre-determined OSU course designation.  This is the course you will enroll in and get credit for when you participate on the program.

For other Ohio State approved programs, you will be awarded Ohio State course equivalencies for the coursework you complete abroad.  To determine how the course equivalencies for your coursework, you will need to complete the credit evaluation process.   

Visit the Global Education website for more information on Academics.

How does Ohio State prepare students for a safe and healthy experience?

Student health and safety is a top priority at Ohio State.  A big portion of our pre-departure orientation will be decided to these topics.  We will discuss any specific health and safety concerns for the location your program will travel, including any CDC recommended vaccinations.  We will also talk more generally about tips for staying safe.

All students participating on Ohio State programs will be enrolled in an international health insurance policy.  This will ensure that you have medical coverage should you become sick or injured while abroad.  

For additional information, please visit the Health and Safety section of the global education website. 


What are the responsibilities of a Resident Director?

The role of the Resident Director is imperative in running a faculty-led program.  It is a big responsibility and not a decision that should be made lightly.  The Resident Director is responsible for any issue or situation that may occur during the program, both inside and outside the classroom.

Additionally, the Resident Director takes on working with the Global Education team to plan the program, recruit students, and review applications.  The Resident Director is also responsible for teaching any pre-departure courses and being involved in pre-departure orientations for students.  Their responsibilities don’t end on the last day of the program, upon return they will need to submit receipts and meet with the Global Education team to debrief on the program.   

Visit the Global Education website for a more detailed breakdown of the roles and responsibilities of a resident director.

How do I develop a new Global Education Program?

As a faculty member in CFAES, your first step is to reach out to the CFAES Education Abroad Liaison, Elizabeth Shuman (  She can help guide you through the process and pull in any necessary staff from the Office of International Affairs. 

For more information on the different types of programs you can propose, deadlines to propose programs, and considerations, please visit the Guidelines for Developing Education Abroad Programs website.