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Teacher at Sea: Stone Lab's Greene to sail with NOAA

Stone Lab Education Associate Angela Greene has been selected as one of 28 teachers from across the U.S. who will participate in the 2013 Teacher at Sea Program. Sponsored by the National Oceanographic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA), the program allows kindergarten through college-level teachers to sail on a NOAA ship, where they work directly with onboard scientists and crew before taking their experience back to the classroom.

"The teachers who come to Stone Lab are the motivated, active teachers looking for ways to further inspire their students," said Jeff Reutter, Ohio Sea Grant and Stone Lab director. "Stone Lab really fans that flame and gives them added knowledge, motivation, and a group of peer contacts to rely on. We also have a few shining stars like Angie, who are clear examples for everyone else, constantly seeking new ways to be better teachers."

Her experience will be shared with her students via blog posts on the Teacher at Sea website.

Greene will sail aboard the Gordon Gunter, a NOAA vessel currently serving the National Marine Fisheries Service. The 12-day mission out of Woods Hole, Mass., will survey North Atlantic right whale populations as part of the recovery plan for this endangered species. Her experience will be shared via blog posts on the Teacher at Sea website, but the biggest benefactors will be her 8th graders at Tecumseh Middle School in New Carlisle, Ohio.

"Being able to do my Teacher at Sea experience while the school year is still in session will enable me to use my required blog to connect my students to the work I will be doing in almost real time," Greene said.

"My students are also going to help me get prepared ahead of time with research about the species with which I will be working, the North Atlantic right whale."

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-- Christina Dierkes, Ohio Sea Grant Communications