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Saddle and Sirloin's 99th Little International

Saddle and Sirloin held the 99th Annual Little International on Saturday, April 20 at the Ohio State University Beef Center. The Little International, originally called the Young International was first held in the fall of 1912 in order to help prepare the livestock which would be going to Chicago for the International Exposition the following December. The Little International gives students without any showing experience a chance to learn about an animal and how to exhibit it. An inexperienced showman and an experienced showman are paired together and assigned an animal to show. They are required to work with the animal at least five times before the show. This year’s champion showman are: beef: Justin Bachman, sheep: Mark Wallen, horse: Jessica Wheeler, swine: Delaine Wiseman, and guys and gal lead: Linsey Howell. This year’s prestigious Steeb Award for the top overall showman was awarded to Delaine Wiseman. The winners for the Ham and Corned Beef were Brandon Klehm and Eric Pitcher. Saddle and Sirloin also elects outstanding students. This year's outstanding students are: freshman: Delanie Wiseman, sophomore: Jake Ruffing, junior: Paige Guenther and senior: Nick Wright. The Outstanding Committee Award was nominated to the Hog Show Committee and the Outstanding Committee Chairs Award was awarded to Chelsea O'Diam and Nick Wright. Saddle and Sirloin also elects an “Aunt” or “Uncle” and an Honorary Member. To be named “Aunt” or “Uncle” is the most prestigious award one can receive from the club. Those selected are involved in the field of agriculture and interested in Saddle and Sirloin and its activities. This year’s “Uncles” are Dr. Dustin Boler and Mr. Ron Cramer. The Honorary Member award goes to someone who is not necessarily affiliated with the University but assists the club in its endeavors. This year’s Honorary Member is Dave Howell. The club also elects members to a Little I Royalty Court. This year elected to the court were Lauren Fehlan escorted by Ryan Edginton, Linsey Howell escorted by Trey Miller, Bailey Harsh escorted by Jake Boyert, Katie Mohr escorted by Jeff Lewis and Molly Wickham escorted by August Bonham. Molly Wickham and Trey Miller were named the 2013 Little I King and Queen.