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New Pricing for OSU Extension Publications

The Communications unit in CFAES has responsibility for the design, editing, production and distribution of OSU Extension and other for-sale publications. As a result of increased costs associated with that responsibility, prices were increased effective Oct. 1.

To simplify operations, a one-price system with discounts for various customers will be implemented. As before, the price displayed on eStore is the highest price, intended for direct customers from out-of-state or Ohio customers who want direct delivery. Discounts apply as follows:

Out-of-state residents or Ohio residents purchasing directly through eStore:

  • 4-H project book: $7.50 (no discount).
  • 4-H resource handbook or ANR, FCS or CD bulletin (using a $15 publication as an example): $15 (no discount).

Ohio residents purchasing through county office:

  • 4-H project book: $6 (advertised price in 4-H Family Guide).    
  • 4-H resource handbook or ANR, FCS or CD bulletin (using a $15 publication as an example): $12 (advertised in 4-H Family Guide; all others vary).

County offices purchasing through eStore:

  • 4-H project book: $4.80 (36 percent discount*).
  • 4-H resource handbook or ANR, FCS or CD bulletin (using a $15 publication as an example): $9.60 (36 percent discount).

* A 36 percent discount from the “one price” is the same as a 20 percent discount from the Family Guide price. There is no change in a county’s percentage share of sales.

In the forthcoming 2014 Ohio 4-H Family Guide, project books will be listed for $6. Other resource guides and bulletins from all program areas will have varying prices. As before, Ohio residents get the best price when they order and pick up their purchases through local county offices. County offices are still able to cover their inventory costs by purchasing materials at a price lower than the one listed in the Family Guide. No portion of this increase goes to program area (4-H, ANR, CD and FCS) cost recovery, which remains unchanged.

Other state 4-H offices and partners who support the development and promotion of our materials also may receive discounts. Those are determined on a case-by-case basis.

Discounts are applied at the time of sale and are not visible until orders are placed. As before, county offices do not pay for shipping.

The prices of most 4-H project books have not changed since 2003, and the most recent price increase for 4-H resource handbooks and ANR, FCS, and CD bulletins was in 2010. We appreciate your cooperation as the environment in which we provide print media continues to evolve.