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CFAES Hosts 4th Annual Back 2 School Bash

The Back 2 School Bash, hosted by the College of Food, Agricultural, and Environmental Sciences (CFAES), provides a unique opportunity for students to get excited about the school year beginning. For first year, transfer, and transition students, the event allows students to get acquainted with the faculty, clubs, and their classmates within CFAES. For returning students and upper classmen, the evening serves as a way for them to be welcomed back to school.

This year’s Back 2 School Bash (B2SB), drawing nearly 900 people, was hosted at Fred Beekman Park on Thursday, September 10, 2015. The event was home to a host of events, including a kickball tournament, won by the Crops and Soils and the Agricultural Systems Management Clubs, 100-person tug-of-war, and a marshmallow toss, all organized by the Animal Science Community Alliance (ASCA) and the CFAES Student Council. The Saddle and Sirloin and Buckeye Dairy Clubs even sponsored a mechanical bull. With 42 student organizations represented at B2SB’s involvement fair, students were able to see all of the opportunity within CFAES. According to Taylor Kruse, CFAES Student Council President, “The most rewarding part of the Back 2 School Bash is being able to watch everyone laughing and having fun together throughout the night. Plus, the Graeter’s ice cream is a pretty great treat when you’re exhausted after playing kickball.”

Many helping hands are necessary to ensure B2SB is a success. Mariette Benage, ASCA Advisor, said, “We had nearly 100 volunteers, which is literally what it takes to put on the event. Without the support of so many people, we would never be able to have this event.” Of course, lending a helping hand for the benefit of students is enjoyable. “ASCA works extremely hard to put this event on, so knowing that everyone – students to administrators – enjoys the opportunity to get together as a college and have fun outside the classroom, makes the event rewarding. This is the largest CFAES event of the year, and it’s fun to know that you’re part of something so great,” said Benage.

The B2SB is also gratifying for returning students as they reflect on their time at Ohio State. Katie Frost, a sophomore in animal science, was representing Shades of Animal Sciences, a club she got involved with as a freshman at the B2SB. “I’m really excited for all of the freshmen at this event to find their home at Ohio State,” said Frost.  In addition to making students feel at home, B2SB is a phenomenal opportunity for students to develop quality relationships. Tyler Hellwig, a senior in agribusiness and applied economics, said, “It’s a great way to meet people outside of class, get to know each other one-on-one, and start to build great friendships.”

All in all, magnificent memories were made at the Back 2 School Bash as community was built and friendships were made. Additionally, students in the College of Food, Agricultural, and Environmental Sciences were left feeling energized and excited about the school year ahead.

Left: The mechanical bull, sponsored by the Saddle and Sirloin and Buckeye Dairy Clubs, was a big hit.
Right: Crops and Soils and Agricultural Systems Managment Clubs, Kickball Tournament Champions

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Natalie Miller, Undergraduate Student
Career Services and Communication Office

Photos by Kelsie Hinds, CFAES Student Council