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College of Food, Agricultural, and Environmental Sciences

Money Matters

Over 80% of all freshman entering CFAES receive a college scholarship. To maximize your opportunity to earn scholarships, Freshmen should complete the University Admissions Application by November 1st, our College Scholarship Application (to be eligible for college and departmental dollars), and the FAFSA (to qualify for scholarships that require documented financial aid) by February 15th. We also encourage looking to outside sources for scholarships and grants, whether they are large organizations or local companies. 

  1. Scholarships

    A range of scholarships are available to freshmen, first quarter transfer students, and current students in our college and are awarded on a variety of criteria.

  2. Financial Aid

    There are three types of financial aid available to those who qualify—scholarships, grants, and loans. Include us early in your planning, so we can help you navigate this process.