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Taylor Klass

The College of Food, Agricultural, and Environmental Sciences Global Option (CFAES GO) is a curriculum enhancement program that allows you to integrate global perspectives into your CFAES curriculum without adding time to graduation.

The CFAES GO requirements allow you to include international perspectives and global themes into your studies to help you develop a global mindset that will equip you with the knowledge and skills to thrive in an increasingly globalized world.  Upon successful completion of the program, you will receive the CFAES Global Option designation on your transcript. 

CFAES Global Option Requirements

Introductory Exposure

Option 1: Education Abroad
Participate in any CFAES sponsored education abroad program. Other formal education abroad programs offered by The Ohio State University will be accepted upon petition.  Other international experiences can be submitted for approval by petition.  Approval is at the discretion of the CFAES Education Abroad Advisory Committee.

Option 2: International Students
International students at the Ohio State University may fulfill this requirement through their status as an international student.  International students must submit a reflection paper prior to enrolling in the Global Option Capstone course.  The international student reflection paper will ask students to compare their experience in the U.S. to experiences in their home country.

International Learning

Option 1: Select one course from the list of approved CFAES courses with an international focus
Option 2: International Internship (1+ credit hour)
Option 3: Reserch project with an international focus (1+ credit hour)
Option 4: Formal international service-learning offered with OSU supplemental international insurance (such as Buck-i-Serv)

Students pursuing Options 2-4 must receive approval to use the experience in their Global Option prior to departure.  Students should submit a petition to the Global Education Manager at least 30 days prior to departure.  Following completion of their approved experience, students must submit a report detailing and reflection on their experience.  The report on an international learning experience must be submitted prior to enrolling in the Global Option Capstone Course.

Advanced Culture/Language Proficiency

Option 1: Successfully complete (Grade of B or higher) an advanced (3000 or above) Education Abroad related to food, agriculture, or environmental sciences.

Option 2: Complete a minor or demonstrate equivalent proficiency (validated by the appropriate OSU Language Department) in a world language other than English.

Option 3: Complete a minor in one of these subjects:
• International Studies
• International Economic Development 
• World Literature
• World Politics
• Other minors by petition

Global Option Capstone Course

Once students have completed the three requirements above they will need to enroll in the Global Option Capstone Course, FAES 4580.  Students must complete the course with a grade of B or higher to successfully complete their Global Option.  The capstone course is a 1-credit hour asynchronous online course. 

As part of the Global Option, or an Education Abroad program, students will take the Cultural Quotient Indicator (CQI).  Students will then take the assessment again as part of the Global Option Capstone course.  During the Capstone course, students will also complete an e-portfolio showcasing the activities they completed as part of the Global Option.

Register for the Global option

If you are interested in adding the Global Option to your degree simply complete the Global Option Application Survey

Petition for change in the global option

To petition for other experiences or courses to count into your CFAES GO, submit the petition for change in the Global Option form to Elizabeth Shuman (