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Participating on a Global Education program will allow you to navigate a new culture, communicate across language barriers, work with a diverse group of peers, and see a new perspective.  These are all skills that will help you as you prepare to join the work force and look to solve the challenges facing the fields of food, agricultural, and environmental sciences.   

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At Ohio State, students have access to over 300 Global Education programs through the Office of International Affairs (OIA).  Additionally, CFAES offers programs specifically designed for CFAES students.  On any Ohio State, which includes all CFAES programs, you remain enrolled at Ohio State, earn Ohio State credit, and are able to apply your current applicable financial aid to your program costs. You can review options through both offices to find the right program for you.

  • CFAES Programs
    • Programs that focus specifically on the international aspects and challenges facing the various fields within food, agricultural, and environmental sciences. Most CFAES programs are faculty-led allowing students to travel with their CFAES faculty and peers. 
  • OIA Programs
    • Extensive programs (of different types, locations, duration, eligibility) available to all Ohio State students offering a variety of coursework and experiences. If you are looking for something outside of the standard CFAES options, you may find what you are looking for through the wider variety of program options offered within the Office of International Affairs. 

Want information on upcoming CFAES programs? Fill out our program interest survey telling us what programs you're interested in and we will send you emails with upcoming deadlines and information sessions.

More Information 

Whether you are considering a CFAES program or another OIA global education program, Elizabeth and Ryan are available to meet with you to discuss all options.  You can schedule an appointment with Elizabeth or schedule an appointment with Ryan to discuss how to find the perfect global education program for you.

Check out our CFAES Global Education FAQs for more information about scholarships, how to pick a program, how to apply, or how faculty can develop a new program.