Scholarship Form

Incoming and current CFAES/SENR, ATI/Wooster students and Ohio 4-H members your care in completing this form is very important. Please carefully read and follow the instructions. If you are applying for Ohio 4-H scholarships, there will be additional drop down boxes to complete. The priority deadline for submitting this form via the web is February 15, 2018.

The evaluation of your qualifications for individual scholarships, grants-in-aid and awards is based on the accuracy and completeness of the information you have provided on this form. It allows us to create an individual profile for you which identifies all the scholarships you are eligible to receive.

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Below, briefly list your extracurricular activities, including leadership positions. Please type your response below. Keep your entry under 300 words. Students who have completed at least 1 year at OSU please only list your extracurricular activities, including leadership positions during your time here at OSU. Do not insert images, spreadsheets, etc.

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Personal Statement

Please write a personal statement about significant experiences, community involvement, and the qualities of character and leadership important to achieving your goals. Highlight personal accomplishments, achievements, experiences and life circumstances that have helped form your character. Comment on your aspirations in terms of your educational and career goals and explain the impact receiving a scholarship would have in your life. Please type your response below. Keep you entry under 300 words. Do not insert images, spreadsheets, etc.

By submitting this application I affirm that the information which I have provided on this application form and any additional material that I submit related to the financial aid process is complete, accurate, and true to the best of my knowledge. Pursuant to the Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act of 1974, as amended (FERPA), I hereby authorize The Ohio State University to release the scholarship application information provided by me, as well as other official and unofficial Ohio State information regarding my academic progress, status and financial need, to scholarship donors, their designated contacts, college departments and scholarship committees for the purpose of providing the donors with information concerning my eligibility as a scholarship recipient. I also understand that furnishing false information may result in revocation of my financial aid or may result in disciplinary action pursuant to The Ohio State University Code of Student Conduct.