Important Update: CFAES Academic Affairs is temporarily processing forms, petitions, and related requests via email. Please follow the guidelines below. If you have questions, call Academic Affairs at 614-292-1734 or email

CFAES Academic Affairs staff members are working remotely at this time. Student registration requests, course enrollment permission forms, petitions, and other services will be handled within normal timeframes to the extent possible. We will be conducting processes via email in lieu of printed and signed forms dropped off to Academic Programs office in 100 Ag Admin. Please review the instructions and guidelines below to ensure prompt service.

General Guidelines

  • All requests and approvals must be sent via OSU e-mail accounts. We will not accept any requests from other email services and will only respond to an OSU email address ( or
  • All standing deadlines are still in place. Visit the University Registrar’s important dates calendar for up-to-date deadlines.
  • All permissions required by a form/petition are necessary. Permissions may be obtained from instructors and/or advisors via email; but must be included at the time of your submission via email to
  • All information must be provided completely and accurately. Requests or forms submitted with missing information/missing permissions will not be processed. If you are unable to access/download or scan a completed form, please follow guidelines for handling these requests via email.
  • To the extent possible, use Reply All when obtaining permissions via email. This will keep all information about your request in one email chain that can be forwarded for processing.
  • Once all information is gathered, submit materials to for processing. If there is an issue with your form or information, you will be contacted. Your request will be confirmed via email to your OSU email address once processed.
  • If you are unclear on what steps are needed, we’re here to help. Connect with your advisor or call Academic Affairs at (614) 292-1734.

Common Actions & Forms


Petition for Change in Minor

Petition for Change in Requirements for the Minor (2).jpg

Petition for Change in Major

Preview: Petition for Change in Requirements for the Major

Petition for Reinstatement

Petition for Reinstatement

Retroactive Actions

Retroactive Actions

Enrollment Form - FAES 3191 (Internship)

Image Preview - FAES 3191 Enrollment Form

Major/Minor/Advisor Declaration Form


University Forms (Including Course Enrollment Permission Form)