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Information Session for Winter 2018 Education Abroad Program - Ireland: Human and Animal Interactions

This information session is held in 212 Animal Science Building.

The goal of this program is to learn and exhibit an understanding of political, economic, cultural, physical and social differences among the nations of the world regarding human-animal interactions. It is offered every other year on a 3-year rotation for the program locations. The AU17 program travelled to Spain, and the AU18 program will travel to Ireland, and next time this program will be offered is 2020.
This program focus on the role of animals in our society and provides students with an opportunity to gain an appreciation for how history, government, geography and infrastructure can impact cultural development and the use of land and animals with our societies. Students will be provided with an opportunity and a forum in which they can compare our mid-Western culture (especially focusing on the role of animals in our immediate communities) with that of the Irish culture.

Mar 7, 2018, 10:00am - 11:00am