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Entomology is the study of insects and their relatives from the cellular to the ecosystem level of organization, in such areas as evolution, ecology, physiology, morphology, systematics, toxicology, behavior, and genetics. A significant component of entomology is applying these topics to address the important economic, public health, and environmental impacts of insects. Students completing this program earn the degree Bachelor of Science in Agriculture.  


Possible Career Options

Forensic Investigator Insectory Manager
Military Entomologist Museum Insect Curator
Pest Clinic Diagnostician Pesticide Sales Representative
Pest Management Specialist Plant Protection & Quarantine Officer
Research Assistant  


Classes and Curriculum

Students will take classes in insect physiology, behavior, ecology, taxonomy, toxicology, beekeeping, veterinary and public health entomology, sustainable agriculture, and integrated pest management in agricultural, forest, and urban environments. Coursework centers on the study of insects and their relatives, offering students a thorough understanding of the biological world. Students will study the entire spectrum of insect biology, from the molecules that compose insects to the integral roles of insects in nature. The program requirements a student will follow are determined by their admit term (first term of undergraduate enrollment at Ohio State).

Curriculum Requirements

Enrolled Autumn 2018 - Summer 2019 (pdf)
Enrolled Autumn 2019 - Summer 2022 (pdf)
Enrolled Autumn 2022 - Summer 2023 (pdf)

Enrolled Autumn 2023 and thereafter (pdf)


After Graduation

50% 50% $40,000

* Numbers are based on responses from graduates at six months post-graduation date.


Getting Involved

Dean Kress handles insects in the BugMobile


Chrysalis allows students to participate in service activities and interact with other Entomology students and faculty as well as discuss research and careers with scientists from Ohio State and beyond. 




Janna Thompson-Chordas
Program Coordinator
Department of Entomology