Career Expo Tips

Career Expo’s

To view all the employers attending the Expo, navigate to Handshake and view the employers and the positions they’ve posted.

Preparing for the Expo

  • Research the Companies – You can do so by logging into your Handshake account.
  • Update your Resume – Meet with a Career Advisor to go over it in advance.
  • Professional Outfit – Dress of the day is business professional.
  • Winter Awareness – If you need to wear snow boots with your dress outfit, do it. Pack your dress shoes in your backpack and change when you arrive before checking your bag.

What to Bring with you to the Expo:

  • Resumes – Enough copies to give to all the employers you want to meet with.
  • BuckID – You will need to swipe your ID to get into the event.
  • Padfolio or Folder – You will want something to hold your resumes and take notes on.

Once You Arrive

  • Sign In – There will be a place for you to sign in and swipe your BuckID.
  • Name Tag –Place your name tag on the right side of your outfit.
  • Grab a Directory and Map – Plan out how you will work the room. Know who you want to talk to and where they are. Maps are sent out through email in advance.
  • Lose the Coat and Bag – Drop them off at the bag check. You do not need to carry them around the room as you talk to companies.

Introductions and Etiquette

  • Elevator Speech –Spend time practicing your introductions with your roommates, friends, or Career Advisor.
  • Non-Verbal – Look employers in the eye with a smile, stand up straight, and extend your hand to give them a handshake greeting.
  • Q&A – Be prepared to answer questions. This is your first interview with this company. They want to see how you handle yourself in conversation.
  • What does your company do? – NEVER SAY THIS! It is a major indicator to a company that you know nothing about them. Do your research and homework.

Who Should You Talk to?

  • Talk to Everyone Review what companies are attending. Visit their websites in advance of the expo to familiarize yourself with their work. Maybe craft a few questions for them as well so you can learn more about them.
  • They Don’t Want My Major – You never know what connections you might make so take the time and network as much as you can. Each company could have an unadvertised position that is just right for your major but you won't know until you introduce yourself and explore the possibility.
  • Get Business Cards – Take a few notes on the back of their card later to remind you of your meeting, conversation, etc.
  • Follow-Up – Send them a personal thank you for attending the Career Expo. This can be a nice extra touch as they decide on who to offer interviews to.