Student Resources

Are you looking for an internship or starting a job search? As a current student or graduate of our college, our Career Development Office is here to assist you. We offer workshops, career expos, and one on one career coaching appointments.

Use the Career Roadmap as your guide to professional development for success during your time at OSU.

  1. Resume Tips

    You have the power to make a positive first impression with any employer. And a well-written resume is one way you can do this. Here are a few things to help you get the ball rolling . . .

  2. Interview Tips

    Here are some tips from the pros on how to successfully interview and hopefully, land your dream job.

    Research the company

    • Before you talk to a company, find out all you can about it and the position you are interviewing for
    • Browse the company website, brochures, etc.

    Find out who will interview you

    • This is important so you can find out about them; maybe they graduated from Ohio State, or you have something else in common; also so you know who to ask for and who to follow up with
  3. Portfolium

    Welcome to the CFAES Network

    The College of Food, Agricultural, and Environmental Sciences is proud to announce a new partnership with that will provide ALL students the opportunity to create a professional, online digital portfolio. This service is FREE to students, staff, faculty and alumni and will not expire even after leaving the university.