CFAES Career Development

In addition to helping you write a resume or cover letter and helping you prepare for an interview, our Career Development Center offers multiple Career Expos each year to allow you to meet companies with the potential to interview for internships and full-time employment on campus. We also manage an online job bard, Handshake, where you can log on at any time to view internship, job postings, and events.

Graduates, report your Offers/Plans!

Current students, report your Internships!

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These answers help our office provide prospective and current students with information about job and internship outcomes as well as helping with the development of our programming. Thank you for taking the time to answer these questions.

Your name will not be attached to your outcome when shared in reports.

*Reporting your internship through the link above does not enroll you in academic credit for the internship. Please meet with the Internship Coordinator from your department to enroll in internship credit.


  1. Student Resources

    Are you looking for an internship or starting a job search? As a current student or graduate of our college, our Career Development Office is here to assist you. We offer workshops, career expos, and one on one career coaching appointments.

  2. Handshake

    Handshake is a new contemporary and dynamic recruitment platform for job and career planning that will help students find highly competitive opportunities such as top internships and full-time jobs. This new system will take the place of what we and our users have historically known as Hireabuckeye.

  3. Employer Resources

    Looking to recruit at Ohio State? We are ready to assist you with posting jobs and internships, scheduling on-campus interviews, registering for career expos, and finding resumes for candidates that meet your requirements. Let us help you build your brand to our students and alumni.



    The CFAES Career Development Office is turning off Hireabuckeye and switching to Handshake. All jobs should now be posted to Handshake as students no longer have access to Hireabuckeye.

  4. Alumni Resources

    Are you looking for a career move? Or do you just want to see what employment opportunities are currently available in your field?

    As an alumnus of our college, you are welcome to use our college’s complimentary online career services site Handshake to post your resume, search for jobs, and network with employers.