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Kellogg-Moser Food Security and Sustainability Living-Learning Community

KMLLC Cohort 2024

Overview of the W.K. Kellogg Foundation and Bobby Moser Food Security and Sustainability Living-Learning Community (Kellogg-Moser LLC):

If you have passions for food production, security, and safety, but also nutrition, wellness, hunger, food waste, and sustainable agriculture, then the Kellogg-Moser Living-Learning Community is the place for you! These students live in Houston House, take the FAES 1200 seminar course during their first semester of college, conduct community service, and attend off-campus trips while getting to interact with world-renowned faculty who address food security issues!


KMLLC is a partnership between CFAES and OSU Residence Education.

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Who is eligible:

Freshmen and Sophomores who are interested in generating discussion and change around food production, food security, hunger, food safety, food policy, human nutrition and wellness, human and community development, sustainable agriculture practices, leadership, and civic engagement.


  • Early move-in with community building opportunities and a required seminar course to allow for maximum time for interaction on food system issues.
  • Peer mentors assigned to help in the transition to campus and class projects.
  • Expenses paid trips to network with alumni and industry professionals who work with governmental agencies, non-profits, and companies.
  • Engagement in community activities at food banks, food pantries, and other community organizations to enhance your leadership skills.

Activities may include...

  • Discussions with faculty on: food culture, nutrition security, dining services, organic vs. conventionally grown food, diet management in rural areas, origins of food production; food policy and food mapping; distribution of food
  • Tours on and off campus. Examples of past trips include: Buckeye Food Alliance, Waterman Farm, Student Farm, Mansfield Microfarm, and Worthington Farmer's Market


  • Students will...
    • Develop a prospective of food security that considers issues related to health nutrition and human development; food, food production and the environment; entrepreneurship and business; and food policy.
    • Gain skills in bringing together multiple constituencies to focus on major food system challenges, issues, and opportunities;
    • Interact with Discovery Theme faculty and gain greater awareness of campus and community efforts associated with food security, community engagement, and sustainability initiatives.
    • Engage in high-impact practices including undergraduate research, internships, study abroad, leadership and community-engaged learning; and create positive change to impact the well-being of communities.

Testimony From Our Students:

"Starting off my time at Ohio State with the Kellogg-Moser Food Security and Sustainability Learning Community was one of the best decisions I made. Having the opportunity to come and explore campus early, meeting the people I would be living with in Houston House for the year, and making connections with OSU faculty and Columbus food and sustainability-related organizations was extremely beneficial even following my time in the LC. I think that joining a learning community, especially KMLC with it being so close-knit and just starting out, really helped me become comfortable at such a large school. Through my involvement in the LC, I was made aware of countless other opportunities including Time for Change, where I am now the President. The connections and growth that I had during my short time in the LC was truly transformational, and I would recommend it to any incoming student looking for a community of supportive, like-minded individuals."   -Anna, Environmental Policy and Decision Making major

“When I first arrived at Ohio State, I felt a bit nervous about finding my place. However, KMLC quickly surrounded me with an incredible community of friends, mentors, and support. I was impressed by the diversity of our cohort, and I found myself constantly learning something new. One of the most valuable aspects of the program for me was the focus on food security and sustainability. The experiences and discussions we had surrounding these important issues helped me navigate what I’m passionate about. With the encouragement and guidance of KMLC’s leaders, I was able to develop valuable leadership and communication skills that will always stay with me. I am so grateful for the many connections I’ve made during my time with KMLC, and I strongly encourage anyone looking for a kind and supportive community to apply as well.” - Kavya

“I am thankful for my time in the Kellogg-Moser Learning Community because I was able to instantly make friends with similar classes to me and learn more about food sustainability and insecurity. It was great to be able to walk a couple of doors down from my room to study or hang out with other members of the learning community. This learning community as provided a lot of opportunities I would not have gotten otherwise like learning about growing our own vegetables and creating content for our project at Waterman.” -Rachel

I was a member of the Kellogg Moser Learning Community during both my Freshman and Sophomore year of college. When I applied before my freshman year, I was hoping to gain some knowledge about food insecurity and sustainability as well as make some friends. I gained those things and much more! It was comforting to start off freshman year with a group of students that quickly became my friends. I didn't have to search to try and find community because I had other students to hang out with from the beginning. My favorite thing by far though was having the opportunity to create a project to implement on campus that helped to combat food insecurity and promote sustainability. It was wonderful and rewarding to have the chance to create positive change within our university! -Aleacia



Questions or Concerns, contact:

Sarah Williams | (614) 292-5320 |

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