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The College of Food, Agricultural, and Environmental Sciences (CFAES) Peer Mentors are returning upperclassmen who serve as a contact person to new students in CFAES including first-year, transfer, campus change, and honors students.

CFAES Peer Mentors 2024


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Peer Mentors help support incoming students as they begin their time at The Ohio State University and the College of Food, Agricultural, and Environmental Sciences. They mentor the students on how to navigate the University resources and places, help to strengthen their connection to faculty, staff, and other students, introduce them to co-curricular activities, serve as a role model, and give advice when needed.  Peer Mentors serve as one of the student's first connections to the University and help them navigate their first semester. 

2024 Peer mentor application is closed!

Testimony from our Peer Mentors:

"I am from Northwest Ohio in a rural community and taking the step to come to Ohio State scared me. Before I even stepped foot on campus, a student from CFAES reached out to me and asked if I had any questions. This was so helpful because I was able to have my questions answered by someone that has gone through it. My peer mentor was so helpful and made college life a little more manageable. I wanted to do the same for my peers and help them navigate college life. I became a peer mentor because I see the value it has had in my life and want to provide it to others." -Amber

"My time as a peer mentor has been memorable.  I am surrounded by great, kind, passionate, and devoted people.  It has been wonderful to be able to meet new people within the program who all come from different backgrounds.  I enjoy working with incoming students to help them navigate the world of college.  I remember coming onto Ohio State’s campus and feeling overwhelmed, but I had a peer mentor who helped me.  My relationship/experience with my peer mentor led me to becoming one because I wanted to be a friend and guiding hand to new students.  Lastly, I enjoy all the fun events that are hosted for peer mentors." -Emily

"The 2022-2023 academic year was my first year as a Peer Mentor for the College of Food, Agriculture and Environmental Sciences. I have met many people that have inspired me as a leader, CFAES representative, and a student. I am honored to have been chosen to dedicate my time to helping to make a CFAES a welcoming place for the freshman class. As some who came from a graduating class of less than a 100 people, OSU was very daunting. Especially being someone who did not grow up in agriculture, I was constantly surrounded by people who had more experience than me. My Peer Mentor showed me that it is drive that matters, not experience.  She inspired me to become a Peer Mentor as she helped me to make a seamless transition into college life.  She told me about things she wishes she had done different, tips and tricks she learned from other classman, and how to make the most out of her time at The Ohio State University.  My goal as a Peer Mentor, was to be a friend for my mentees. Someone they could call, text, or reach out to about ANYTHING from college to social life on campus. I taught them the tips and tricks I learned from my Peer Mentor and peers, the w-curve, and what clubs they should get involved in within the college. We still get coffee every once in a while as a group, or one on one. We have all become friends, people we know we can go to sympathize with.   I have learned so much from my mentees and wish I could have met them my freshman year. They all bring new perspective and attitude to the college, all so positive! I wish I was as outgoing and social as some of my mentees, they are such inspiring people! I am so grateful to have this opportunity to help future buckeyes! Thank you to my Peer Mentor, Sarah, and my mentees for allowing me to be a part of your buckeye experience!" Faith

Questions or Concerns, contact:

Sarah Williams | (614) 292-5320 |

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