Council Activities


CFAES Student Council holds Ag-Lympics annually during the spring semester. Each organization on council has the opportunity to compete against other organizations to win varying contests. Ag-Lympics is a fun event to take a break from school work and enjoy quality competition with fellow students, faculty, and staff.  The 2019 Ag-Lympics will be held on the lawn of Plumb Hall on tbd. 

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Back 2 School Bash

Back 2 School Bash is at the beginning of each autumn semester. Students throughout the college congregate to showcase their organization and to recruit for the upcoming year. There is a kickball tournament and other fun games throughout the evening promoting involvement from all students.  The 2018 Back 2 School Bash will be Friday, September 11 at Beekman Park.

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Faculty Breakfast

At the end of each semester, CFAES Student Council provides breakfast for faculty and staff within the College and School.

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Farm Science Review Pop Stands

Each organization represented on the CFAES Student Council is required to bring a total of three members and work a three hour shift at Farm Science Review (FSR) to recieve any funding from Council. Selling pop at FSR is Council's largest fundraiser and serves as a way to give back  to the organizations in the College and School. 

Professional Development Night

The CFAES Student Council typically holds a Professional Development Night once a semester. Professional Development Night is open to any student University wide.

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CFAES Student Council holds socials throughtout the semester as a way for students to come together and enjoy an evening away from school work. Previous socials have include: a pumpkin carving contest, zoo lights trip, etc.