Faculty, Staff and Student Recognition

The CFAES Student Council elects faculty/staff and students to Star Student Supporter and Student of the Fortnight, respectively. Star Student Supporter is a faculty or staff member who goes above and beyond what is expected in their role within the College or School and is elected every other meeting. Student of the Fortnight is a student within the College or School who stands out as a role model and has made continuous efforts to exceed within everything they do and is elected at each meeting.

2013-2014 Star Student Supporter Electees

Ann Ottobre

Matt Sullivan

Masa Alman

Gabriel Karns

Mike Cressman

Morgan Dailey

Mazeika Sullivan

2013-2014 Student of the Fortnight Electees

Stephanie Verhoff

Clair Bullock

Derek Snider

Caitlyn Black

Mike Hannewald

Natalia Jurcak

Brent Stammen

Caitlyn Mullins

Ashley Christman

Jessica Shanahan

Eric Leber

Jessica Rose

Paige Guenther

Congratulations to these individuals on their continued success and accomplishments!